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anorthrop -> Suggestions for Paratrooper Strategy (12/20/2011 3:48:03 PM)

Ok, first of all I'm a new user, so greetings to everyone! I am a Panzer General veteran and have played each sequel and I must say that Panzer Corps is an amazing game! I was wondering if I could get some strategy advice from some of the wargamers out there.

1) Paratrooper usage- I find that I have difficulty keeping my paratroopers alive in Panzer Corps. I usually try to drop them near an enemy airfield that will be useful for me in the near future. They usually end up getting mauled by tanks and infantry and fail to complete their objectives.

Lately I have been dropping them very close to my advancing troops with the hopes of keeping them alive. The problem is they quickly fall behind and I have to march them to an airport to get loaded again. Do you have any strategies to keep paratroopers alive on long distance drops or is it just plain suicidal to drop them way ahead of your ground forces?

terje439 -> RE: Suggestions for Paratrooper Strategy (12/20/2011 5:54:24 PM)

I drop mine at the rearmost NON-objective city. Also remember to drop them 3 hexes away from the city, so they are not spotted by any Inf guarding it.
Next turn, move them in and take the city, and prepare to dig in.
It also helps if you can spare a 3-5star level bomber to aid them for the first three turns.


planner 3 -> RE: Suggestions for Paratrooper Strategy (12/21/2011 12:08:08 AM)

I also agree with terje439, never closer than 3 hexes, any nearer and they are hamburger meat for the infantry or whatever is guarding.[;)]

RPKUPK -> RE: Suggestions for Paratrooper Strategy (1/23/2012 8:12:09 PM)

At deployment upgrade your most experienced infantry unit to Paratrooper. Use combined arms only such as fighter recon a turn or two before so you know what you're facing, then a Stuka or two to hit the AA unit and the artillery unit then hit city/airfield area with simultaneous attack--this will allow your paratrooper to survive and positions it to be used again--on airfield areas only. Remember you can't fight with the paratrooper the turn it drops! And, dropping on non-airfield areas makes it march to the nearest one--inefficient.

demyansk -> RE: Suggestions for Paratrooper Strategy (1/24/2012 11:31:51 AM)

By the way guys, what is the best way to knock out AA?  I often take a long time to do this since I don't want to lose my air assets.  Besides infantry is the Stuka the best weapon not including artillery of course.

James Ward -> RE: Suggestions for Paratrooper Strategy (1/24/2012 2:07:27 PM)


ORIGINAL: demjansk

By the way guys, what is the best way to knock out AA?  I often take a long time to do this since I don't want to lose my air assets.  Besides infantry is the Stuka the best weapon not including artillery of course.

You can use a Strat bomber on it and knock down it's ammo. If it can't shoot then you can use whatever unit you like to take it out [:)]

RPKUPK -> RE: Suggestions for Paratrooper Strategy (1/24/2012 3:10:38 PM)

A turn or two ahead, during good weather (then you get the largest area of recon as opposed to one square with bad weather), use an experienced fighter to move to the objective/city/airfield to know what you are dealing with. The recon air unit may take a strength point or two loss from AA--no big deal if it was strong and experienced. Then, get your most experienced paratrooper unit airborne and ready to be dropped--this takes planning and TIMING. Move your combat forces close to the complex and hopefully this will draw out defenders to attack you and weaken the defense of the objective. Experienced armor and artillery are the best. Then bring in two bombers, one to hit and suppress the AA, the other to hit the artillery unit. Move and position your paratrooper on the square next to the AA or Arty--get ready to drop. The enemy's turn will be the AA firing--it may try to shoot at the paratrooper--which leaves the bombers to hit the AA and Arty again! Any unit of yours next to the enemy unit will inhibit it from fully reinforcing--in fact inducing it to do just that is fatal as it is possible none of your paratrooper units or air units will take fire while the enemy desperately tries to reinforce to survive and delay! If this happens you should be able to, on the next turn, re-attack with your bomber, move it away, bring in a second bomber and hit the AA yet again! Meanwhile, you attack by ground with strong armor and arty--a pincer movement from two sides is best if possible. Infantry--Pioneer are best--can hit AA well though an experienced armor unit, perhaps, works a little better. Hit the Arty from the ground. Now your paratrooper has dropped and inhibits AA or Arty or both from fully reinforcing and can attack adjacent units. Surprisingly, the AA, unless experienced and large caliber does relatively little damage to your soon-to-drop paratroopers or your air units--use fuller strength, experienced units for such an attack.
It is doubtful you can use paratroopers alone, deep behind enemy lines--which is always risky--and survive, though you can occasionally find an isolated airfield. I used to employ two paratrooper units but the area gets crowded and usually one paratrooper unit does the trick while allowing the other infantry to do their thing--pioneering or bridging--on the ground.
Combined arms and timing are most important.

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