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flibby -> General tactical know-how (12/19/2011 7:23:48 PM)

Having spent 20 years playing games on a much larger scale, I find myself lacking in operational level tactics...when do be flanking, force ratios and how to use support units. Would anyone have any recommendations on how to improve this?

The tactics 101 from armchair general was ok, but I'm looking for something more easily read and accessible.

Many thanks.

flibby -> RE: General tactical know-how (12/20/2011 5:13:42 PM)

I'm also interested in any tips to stop my troops being split apart by Artillery on their assaults!

I set up the Fup's far enough away from the assault target, but they never reach because once they do cross the open, even at dawn, enemy artillery withers them to shreds.. [&:]

wodin -> RE: General tactical know-how (12/20/2011 10:08:56 PM)

Arty as the germans is a killer in the Bulge scenarios. Maybe move covered may help. Or move to FUP at night.

I'd say the game is more grand tactical than operational. The art of knowing when to macromaanage and when to micro manage is something you learn over time. To much micromanagemnt isn't good nor is always using macro. Things like IG'sand MG's and tank platoons I seem to micromanage more then say Inf coy's. Usually give orders at battalion level. The first thing I do is give all my Arty units a defend in situ order. I then move them up to keep up with the battlefield as and when needed.

I have the HTTR manual that came with the boxed version which I found invaluable at the time and even helped me with CotA and BftB.

Still the game is trial and error and the best way to learn is read AAR's. othe rthan the tactics 101 tht you've read and AAR's thats all I can really offer.

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