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MXB2001 -> Wow, Rising Sun sure larned me! (12/17/2011 4:49:39 AM)

Well I tried the 3.2 Rising Sun scenario (Allied AI). Kudos to whomever made it. It humbled me very nicely!

I got Midwayd on Dec. 21 '41! My fast TF1 (4 34 kn CV's) which had struck PH and sunk 2 BB's was loitering and I decided to send it to Johnston I. to suppress the enemy airzone and it got engaged by 3 USN CV's in a TF. My planes were low in number after multiple strikes vs PH airfields and very few CAP were left. The SBD's massacred my babies. A TBD even sank one with a Torp!!! [&o]

Now to get revenge!!! (New game of course, I surrendered unconditionally)

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