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sabre1 -> Anything Happening? (12/16/2011 11:45:16 PM)

Just chekcing to see if anything more is going to be done with this OUTSTANDING game.

You guys (developer) are way to quiet. [&:][;)]

budd -> RE: Anything Happening? (12/17/2011 12:05:14 AM)

I'm enjoying it, but the withdrawal thing needs fixing for sure. More attention would be good , but I,m waiting for the fixes for what ails it. I still have a lot of content to work thru. Maybe after the new year this gem will get some attention.
In other words........nope...nothing new.

Fred98 -> RE: Anything Happening? (12/17/2011 12:43:58 AM)

I think its a terrific game!

I would be promoting it all over the wargaming world except for the withdrawal bug and the freeze during replay bug.

sabre1 -> RE: Anything Happening? (12/18/2011 4:00:18 AM)

Well if we don't hear something "soon", I'm gonna start complanin.

I love to whine and complain. [:D][;)]

Magpius -> RE: Anything Happening? (12/18/2011 4:28:28 AM)

I've always felt the game was left to whither on the vine.
When the game 1st appeared, we begged and cajoled for even a peep from the developers, (very a-typical for a matrix publication).
It always seemed there were fewer than a dozen regulars on the threads here, all hoping this gem of a game would be given a little more polish.
So while being still keen on this one, others games have started muscling in on my time. (time of fury, skyrim).
While I hope for a solid patch to fix the aforementioned glitch(es), I won't be holding my breath.

budd -> RE: Anything Happening? (12/18/2011 6:09:29 AM)

pretty atypical for matrix, i wonder why? I know right know there real busy, but i was reading you guys posts long before the holiday season asking questions about the lack of support for this title, long before i decided to buy it. the withdrawal bug is a big issue. the game is a gem, i like the fact i don't have to spend weeks learning a system to play the game well. It's a shame if this is how its going to be, at the holiday price point and with a little support it could be a winner. I wonder why?

sabre1 -> RE: Anything Happening? (12/18/2011 2:49:26 PM)

Well I'll be "nice" till Christmas, then all bets are off.

Merry Christmas guys!

stormbringer3 -> RE: Anything Happening? (12/18/2011 10:27:44 PM)

I've looked at buying this title so many times and the lack of support has kept me from buying. It would be nice if the developer or Matrix would say if there will be any further patches or development.

PirateJock -> RE: Anything Happening? (12/19/2011 10:06:37 AM)


ORIGINAL: sabre1
Well if we don't hear something "soon", I'm gonna start complanin.
I love to whine and complain. [:D][;)]

Life's too short ;) I'm working on the fact this game is 'as is' and we're not going to get any updates. A massive shame as it feels such a missed opportunity. Still playing a few PBEM games but must admit I've moved to other games for my old school hex war fix.


sabre1 -> RE: Anything Happening? (12/20/2011 4:46:34 PM)

Awwww, PJ, come on man, join in the complaining. You know, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Remember the developer promised he would show up more. Well, he lied, so, acomplainin I will go. Of course Christmas ain't over yet, so I will keep it to a low level for the moment, and then it's bug Matrix for support on this game, until they tell me "back off jack", it is what it is.

Of course at that point I will NEVER buy another game from this developer. It's all beautiful man. So stop with the negative vibes and join in. [:D][;)][:'(]

budd -> RE: Anything Happening? (12/20/2011 11:57:26 PM)

I don't think i've ever seen a title in the new release section be so ignored. Can't think of one anyway.

Rosseau -> RE: Anything Happening? (12/22/2011 1:05:41 AM)

A while back it was Star Sentinel Tactics, a game well worth ignoring. I'm playing a pretty good pbem game now and looking for some time to design some smaller scenarios.

Magpius -> Complainin' (12/22/2011 3:20:57 AM)

Perhaps the gloves should come off boxing day!

Rosseau -> RE: Complainin' (12/22/2011 4:05:49 AM)

Not sure of your point. I think CCME is fine despite the withdrawal bug. I thing SST was a phenomenal waste of my $30 when bought on Impulse.

sabre1 -> RE: Complainin' (12/26/2011 8:13:44 PM)


Mr. Cooney where are you? Obsolete, did you disappear too? Come out, come out, wherever you are.

It's not like we are asking for a major overhaul. The withdrawal is not right. It needs to be fixed please.

Magpius -> RE: Complainin' (12/27/2011 1:18:17 PM)


sabre1 -> RE: Complainin' (12/27/2011 4:15:19 PM)

^ Cute, real cute.[:D]

sabre1 -> RE: Complainin' (12/27/2011 4:24:19 PM)

I'll just keep posting here and doing my "thang" at least once a day to keep the forum active. If "we" don't hear from "someone" after awhile, well, "we" will just have to get an "official" response to tell us back off.

I mean how hard is it to post that it's being worked on, or this is it and nothing more is going to be done with this title? That wasn't what "we" were told in the beginning.

I don't recall any of the posters on this forum being rude or mean. This is a nice wargame, sophisticated enough to be interesting, and easy enough to learn. A difficult balance to strike, and this game has succeeded with only one problem that I can see.

Fix the withdrawal issue please Mr. Cooney. Some games deserve to die and go away. This is not one of them.

sabre1 -> RE: Complainin' (12/27/2011 4:26:01 PM)

Oh, besides posting raises my stars, so it's a win/win situation. [:'(]

So join in guys, it's not like this is posting in the "what are you listening to now" thread. [;)]

mllange -> RE: Complainin' (12/27/2011 5:10:02 PM)


ORIGINAL: sabre1

Oh, besides posting raises my stars, so it's a win/win situation. [:'(]

So join in guys, it's not like this is posting in the "what are you listening to now" thread. [;)]

Unlike Sabre1, I actually do need to raise my star count - and I would love to see continued support for this fine game. Post on!

budd -> RE: Complainin' (12/27/2011 11:41:03 PM)

[sm=Cool-049.gif] agree

Rosseau -> RE: Complainin' (12/28/2011 1:19:59 AM)

Based on the earlier games in the series, my guess is the code is pretty old, and it's a real bear to make any significant changes to the game. But I hope I'm wrong, as usual.

Fred98 -> RE: Complainin' (12/28/2011 5:26:34 AM)


ORIGINAL: rosseau

my guess is the code is pretty old, and it's a real bear to make any significant changes to the game.

The withdrawl bug should have been fixed when the game was new !


sabre1 -> RE: Complainin' (12/28/2011 6:06:11 PM)

Day two, and no response from the developer. I will keep it nice, but I will keep complaining for a very LONG time. Fix the few bugs that remain, and should have been fixed in the beginning. Compared to other forums I would say that this "appears" to be a very civil bunch of wargamers.

Everyone here should file a support ticket and complain to the big boys of Matrix. This game is too good to die the slow death. Just take a look at the editor. It's a beautiful thing.

Ok, that's it for today, but I'll be back tomorrow, Lord willing and the Creek don't rise. BTW, they ain't talking about a creek. Just think, if you complain here enough, you could get a whole new star in a year. lol

Now I'm off to check out the disaster from my friend Joe in a PBEM game (or so he says, but my 96 year old grandma could whup me)

sabre1 -> RE: Complainin' (12/28/2011 8:15:30 PM)

Well here is the "official" response from Matrix for the withdrawal bug:

"[ 28 DEC 2011 12:45 by Daniel Heath ]

All game questions must be asked in our forums."

Oh yeah, I fogot, "status resolved." Rather terse wouldn't you say?

Nice one isn't it. So I will make sure I post everyday, until "someone" feels we gamers deserve a fix for a bug that has been there since we bought the game.

Michael Cooney where are you? Maybe we should start a thread with his name on it? Where is Obsolete? He use to post on a regular basis.

There was some who were having the game freeze too. I wonder if that issue is "resolved."

Wolfe1759 -> RE: Complainin' (12/28/2011 8:23:15 PM)

Keep going Sabre.

This is(or at least could be) a great game but it is just not worth my time until they finally sort out the withdrawal bug that we have been complaining about for months.

I hope Sabre1 proves me wrong but I have given up on the game and most definitely on the developer.

As others have posted very unlike Matrix.

Fred98 -> RE: Complainin' (12/28/2011 9:06:30 PM)


ORIGINAL: sabre1

There was some who were having the game freeze too. I wonder if that issue is "resolved."

Nope and I reported that too in "Support".

I didn't get a response to my "support" tickets.


Rosseau -> RE: Complainin' (12/29/2011 1:58:04 AM)

What I meant was this game was based on two 10-year-old products. And I seem to remember we were sort of warned that no real programming work was done for the new CCME edition. It was more a compilation. But we have gotten patches on this one, which is a good sign.

sabre1 -> RE: Complainin' (12/29/2011 4:32:25 PM)


As Joe has posted, Cooney and company said they would fix this game. We have been extremely patient, and this is a good game. It only needs a couple of fixes. Everyone including Matrix seems to ignore us and this game, and I don't really know why. This game is better than most, and it could be even great with just minor tweaks.

I don't think the withdrawal and freeze bug are major fixes, and what the heck is the problem with the developer popping in and saying this is it, or yes I'm working on it. What's wrong with Matrix coming posting here and saying yeah we have a problem, we are looking at it.

Instead they give me a terse comment that all game problems are handled in the forums. Ok, so here I am, and no one is here officially. This game is not that old (released from Matrix, not original release), and this problem was present from the outset. If they could not fix these bugs, they should have never released the game. Freezing up, and the withdrawal bug are major game stoppers for many. I know one guy that bought it and quit because of it, and he's a long time fan of Matrix games.

How hard is it to post here and say go away this is it, we are done. I'm going to start taking stars away from Matrix. (kidding, just kidding)

Ok there is my complaining for the day, maybe. [;)]

This was not directed at you rosseau. I still love you, maybe...[:'(][;)][:D]

Rosseau -> RE: Complainin' (12/30/2011 12:51:47 AM)

I had an MP game going that we mutually agreed to drop due to some problem or other. I agree 100%. I'm just trying to figure out why the lack of attention. Yes, fix the problem and (if possible) develop it further. You probably read Obsolete's post on Cooney's skill. They may just be dealing with some difficult programming problems. But yes, if so, then tell us [:)]

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