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doktor -> Questions, questions (12/14/2011 1:18:17 PM)

I recently purchased TOAW III after a long hiatus from playing TOAW (burned out years ago). I'm playing the Operation Bagration scenario. The Red Army has, rather smartly, broken through the Fascist lines and is advancing upon Warsaw. However, I appear to have outrun my supply lines and my units are in some disarray. How can I restore my forces to combat readiness?
Also, the air operations manager has made some questionable decisions. My IL-2's are consistently assigned air superiority duties, etc. Is it better to override the AI and assign the aircraft to individual duties? To individual strikes as well?
Thanks for the help comrades.

Oberst_Klink -> RE: Questions, questions (12/14/2011 1:53:41 PM)

Gaspadin General,

Are you playing the game with the latest/advanced rules on? New supply rules etc.? You can turn of the Air Staff Assistant, too *see screenshot*. What scenario is it exactly?

Klink, Oberst


doktor -> RE: Questions, questions (12/14/2011 11:17:39 PM)

Version 3.4, advanced rules on.  When the air assistant is turned off, the Red Air Force seems to be somewhat dormant.  The scenario is Operation Bagration, the stock scenario that comes with the game.

Oberst_Klink -> RE: Questions, questions (12/15/2011 5:04:36 AM)

Strange... Perhaps the airspace is not as busy as it is in the SF-LA-SD area? Hand the VVS an updated NOTAM for UVMMV then, uh?

Klink, Oberst

doktor -> RE: Questions, questions (12/15/2011 1:23:31 PM)

Interesting comparison. I can only see what the Soviets are flying, which I estimate to be on the order of 20k sorties per week. So-Cal works quite a bit more than that.

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