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col kapa -> Ideas for new close combat (12/12/2011 10:09:52 PM)


just pondering what scenario would be good for a new game
In order to help sell the game good old Patton is allways a pull

2 Battles that are not normaly covered , but would be great, are Lorraine 1944 and the battle of Metz

Lorraine in the aftermath of Normandy was when Hitler planned to cut of Pattons third army as it covered the allied right flank
Hitler was entranced with the concept of cutting off and destroying the lead elements of the allies.
Manteuffel was flown in from the Easrern front and took control of 3 brand new Panzer Brigades (106,107 and108) equipped with upto 90 tanks each. This force combined with a mixture of poor and high quality intfantry were waiting for Patton as his third army crossed the Moselle river.
The battle swirled around valleys and villages with Patton finaly gaining the upperhand.

Metz was another hard slog for Patton and would be of equal fun with forts,rivers and plenty more towns and villages

Antway just some thoughts

Andrew Williams -> RE: Ideas for new close combat (12/13/2011 4:34:18 AM)


My choice would be Italy or Pacific at a pinch

who was col kapa before he was col kapa?

Andrew Williams -> RE: Ideas for new close combat (12/13/2011 4:52:34 AM)

Looks like fog needs to be introduced...same effect as night.

Also the time line suits the latest engine....Lorraine, France, from 18-29 September 1944

CC4 was US v German in Europe
CC5 was US v German in Europe
WaR was US v German in Europe
tLD was US and allies v German in Europe
LSA was US and allies v German in Europe.

In it's favour though

" The battle that resulted was one of the largest armored engagements ever fought on the Western Front."

Would also have to introduce a Piper cub armed with bazookas as well as the P47's that seemed to have taken control of the battle.... this could be modelled by enabling the multiple airstrikes as in CCMT.... arty looks like it played a heavy hand too.

Andrew Williams -> RE: Ideas for new close combat (12/13/2011 6:05:21 AM)

Another on the plus side

Many existing assets could be re-used, graphics and data.

On the -ve side the existing games should be made stable first after 2+ years of being just the opposite.

col kapa -> RE: Ideas for new close combat (12/13/2011 10:21:02 AM)

Hi Andrew

you obviously now the battle well,yes fog,yes heavy u.s art and ground attack (once the weather lifted)

I understand some frustrations about another us -German scenario (there was also the French) ,but I was trying to think of a cost effective way of producing the next game and its marketing value-hence using Pattons name.

Also Lorraine would give great and enjoyable playability

Italy or the Pacific would be good and the battle of the Reichwald,but alas I feel that insufficient funds would put Matrix off.

I fully endorse one thing that the existing frustrations should be ironed out

Also maybe,oneday, we will see the brave Austrailians in action


D.Ilse -> RE: Ideas for new close combat (12/14/2011 5:12:14 AM)

Panzer Brigade's Panzer Battalion was made up as

Staff, 3x Pz V, 4x Flakpanzer IV(Mobilwagen)
1.Kp, 11xPz V
2.Kp, 11xPz V
3.Kp, 11xPz V
4.Kp, 11xJagdpz IVL70

D.Ilse -> RE: Ideas for new close combat (12/14/2011 5:17:53 AM)

here is Pz Brigade 106 "FHH"'s To&E for Dec.1944 in the Colmar Bridgehead for a combat example.

Pz Brigade 106, 12.8.44
Panzer Brigade Stab
9 officers--38 NCOs--141 EM [this manpower is on 16 December 1944]
107 rifles--42 pistols--6 Machine pistols--24 light MGs
1 Kettenkrad--2 MC with SC--3 MC--7 light civilian cars--2 medium civilian cars--14 light cross country(CC) cars--2 medium cc cars--1 light truck--3 medium trucks--1 heavy truck--7 medium cc trucks--1 office body truck--1 Maultier--1 Ambulance--1 8ton prime mover

Panzer Abteilung 2106
23 officers--162 NCOs--418 EM--2 civilians
244 rifles--188 pistols--70 Machine pistols--38 light MGs--3 Quad 2cm Flak (SPs)--4 3.7cm Flak (SPs)--3 1.5cm Drillings (truck mounted)
2 Kettenkrad--1 MC with SC--6 MC--10 light civilian cars--4 medium civilian cars--11 light cross country(CC) cars--2 medium cc cars--1 light truck--25 heavy truck--1 light cc truck--15 medium cc trucks--4 heavy cc trucks--5 office body truck--7 Maultier--3 SdKfz 7/1s--1 8ton prime mover
10 Panthers
2 Panzer IVs
4 Panzer IV/70(V) [11 had been issued in September 1944 to the unit]
4 Flakpanzer IVs [Mobilwagens]

Panzergrenadier Bataillion 2106 (Armored)
18 officers--192 NCOs--704 EM--3 civilians
441 rifles--136 pistols--126 Machine pistols--44 light MGs--8 8cm mortars--8 12cm mortars--42 1.5cm drillings mounted on APCs
6 MC--16 light civilian cars--5 medium civilian cars--12 light cross country(CC) cars--2 medium cc cars--14 light truck----18 medium trucks--1 heavy truck--27 medium cc trucks--6 office body truck--6 Maultier--2 ambulances--5 8ton prime mover--1 trailer
SdKfz 251/1=8
SdKfz 251/2=8
SdKfz 251/3=8
SdKfz 251/8=1
SdKfz 251/11=1
SdKfz 251/21=42
Panzer Pioneer Kompanie 2106
4 officers--28 NCOs--107 EM
86 rifles--32 pistols--11 Machine pistols--46 light MGs--12 Flamethrowers mounted in APCs
3 Kettenkrad--3 MC--4 light civilian cars--1 light cross country(CC) cars--1 medium cc cars--4 light truck--2 medium truck--1 heavy truck--6 medium cc trucks--1 office body truck--1 Maultier--2 trailers--1 8ton prime mover
SdKfz 251/1=1
SdKfz 251/3=1
SdKfz 251/7=7
SdKfz 251/16=6

Panzer Workshop Platoon
3 officers--23 NCOs--108 EM--1 civilian
10 rifles--14 pistols--9 Machine pistols--6 light MGs
4 light civilian cars--4 medium trucks--10 heavy trucks--3 medium cc trucks--4 heavy cc trucks--1 office body truck--3 tank transport trailers--2 18ton prime movers--1 18ton prime mover with 6ton crane
2 Bergepanthers

Transport Column
1 officers--8 NCOs--43 EM
78 rifles--3 pistols--4 Machine pistols--3 light MGs
1 mc--2 light civilian cars--15 medium trucks--4 medium cc trucks--1 office body truck--1 Maultier

58 officers--451 NCOs--1561 EM--6 civilian--Total =2076

Andrew Williams -> RE: Ideas for new close combat (12/14/2011 6:29:36 AM)

Looks like production has started

7A_karlmortar -> RE: Ideas for new close combat (12/14/2011 6:22:32 PM)

Would love to see a CC about the Korsun Pocket.

Andrew Williams -> RE: Ideas for new close combat (12/19/2011 12:47:01 AM)

Had a couple of emails with the view that WaR featured Patton riding to the rescue so a rehash of this doubtful character would not be very compelling.

col kapa -> RE: Ideas for new close combat (12/26/2011 9:24:35 PM)

Hi Andrew
Thanks for the feedback
The idea was based on a cost effective solution for matrix combined with good playability
I am happy with any other sugestions,but a new theatre creats more work and a potential for more bugs
cc3 is very popular and a mordern update of a specific campaign may be the answer
What ever the choice I am sure that the cc community would research and contribute constructivley
happy christmas

Radostne Vianoce a stasny novy rok

Col Kapa

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