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doomtrader -> Time of Fury mods list (12/10/2011 3:03:39 PM)

Map modifications

[Agent] Modern Map Skin Mod
[Agent] Retro Map Skin Mod
[Agent] B&W Map Skin Mod
DGL SPI'79 Mod
Map mod by Peter123
Map MOD by laska2k4
Mash Mod

Units modifications

[Agent] Icon Unit Update
[Agent] WW1 Counter Mod (WIP)
Counter mod by Peter123
Modified Counters Combination Mod for FOW
Units MOD by laska2k4
Mash Mod

GUI modifications

Unit photo Mod
The obligatory Historic Flag mod...
Repositioning of right side menu
[Agent] Beachead Terrain Mod
Transparent Combat Results Box
Art Mod: Loadscreens Set #1
Combat Results Window Mod
Art Mod: Loadscreens Set #2
Art Mod: Loadscreen Set #3
Art Mod: Loadscreens Set # 4
Art Mod: Assorted Loading Screens
More clear minimap Mod
Classic Wargame Mod

Other modifications

No Intro mod
Sound mod

Game Mechanics modifications

Restricted Supply Grand Campaign Mod
Slaytanic's Totally Overhauled Realism Mod

Various tools

army size calculator


mini scenario Normandy 44 by Peter123
Normandy 44 allied side by Peter123
Third Reich mod by Razz
Norway 1940 scenario by Peter123

doomtrader -> RE: Time of Fury mods list (1/25/2012 3:03:03 PM)

Please note that this thread is constantly updated, so it is worth to check it from time to time.

Also if you have created a modification for the game and it is not included in here, please post it, and I will add it to the list.

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