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GaryChildress -> Victory conditions not showing (12/3/2011 10:01:50 PM)

How do I get the scenario victory conditions to show in my campaign at the beginning of each turn? Right now it's just a blank screen: [&:]


KerenskyLI -> RE: Victory conditions not showing (12/3/2011 10:12:36 PM)

You need a corresponding pzloc file.

Lay out looks like this:

IDS_SCEN_NAME    Vitebsk
IDS_SCEN_DESCRIPTION    Retreat to Vitebsk
IDS_SCEN_SIDE2    Allied
IDS_SCEN_AXIS_CAM_OBJECTIVES    <i>Decisive Victory:</i><br/>Escort 4 Convoy Units South of the Dvina River.<br/><br/><i>Marginal Victory:</i><br/>Defend at least 4 objectives.
IDS_SCEN_AXIS_SCN_OBJECTIVES    Capture all Objectives.
IDS_SCEN_ALLIED_CAM_OBJECTIVES    Hold at least one objective.
IDS_SCEN_ALLIED_SCN_OBJECTIVES    Hold at least one objective.

Best way to learn about pzloc files is to look at existing examples, they can be found in the same directories that your scenarios are being saved to.

Razz -> RE: Victory conditions not showing (12/4/2011 12:11:02 AM)

copy an existing pzloc file.

Open it up and set up conditions. close and save.
Rename the file the same as the map

pcpilot -> RE: Victory conditions not showing (12/12/2011 3:55:53 AM)

And this file is saved here...C:\Users\Jeff\Documents\My Games\Panzer Corps\Scenario? Im still not having any luck getting it to show ingame...

Razz -> RE: Victory conditions not showing (12/12/2011 5:51:29 AM)

There is a bug in 1.05

Victory conditions do not work.

pcpilot -> RE: Victory conditions not showing (12/14/2011 4:00:24 AM)

There is a fix for this now. Found on Slitherine forums.... There is a new exe. file for the editor.

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