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kaegogi55 -> Unit Editing (12/3/2011 2:32:22 PM)

How can you edit Units to beef up certain ones ?

junk2drive -> RE: Unit Editing (12/3/2011 2:58:19 PM)

Inside the Data folder is a file Squads.csv. With a csv editor you can change the numbers. You should never change the files in your install but instead place them in your MyGames/BBCBA/Campaigns folder. To use it from there you would need to create a battle and then place this file in the new folder inside the Campaigns folder.

If you change files in your install you will
not be able to play multiplayer
the files may be overwritten by updates
may have errors that Slitherine cannot help you fix

kaegogi55 -> RE: Unit Editing (12/5/2011 11:13:40 PM)

I don't understand how you do that,i'm trying to manipulate the original campaigns not a created one

junk2drive -> RE: Unit Editing (12/6/2011 1:20:08 AM)

Go to this site


download uniCSVed and install

Find the Squads.csv located in the Data folder. Save a copy of this original somewhere safe like My Documents. Open this file with uniCSVed and view the units and values.

IainMcNeil -> RE: Unit Editing (12/6/2011 9:42:30 AM)

The issue with editing the files in the main game folder is it will break multiplayer and you will not be able to play anyone. The server will detect you have modified files and prevent you playing against others. In addition every patch you get will overwrite your changes and revert to the defaults. This is why you should copy your data to a new campaign folder and modify it there. You can use an entire existing campaign like Bulge if you like as your mod, and then just put the modified squads file in that folder.

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