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BodyBag -> First impression (11/30/2011 11:13:40 AM)

Hi all!

Had all the CC-games back in the days, and waisted way to much time playing them instead of being a good student [:)]

Being a graphics whore and playing all games in 1920 x 1200 on my 26" Asus monitor with everything on max, I was a bit worried about this remake. The graphics was OK 10-15 years ago, but even then it was difficult to see what was going on with the units (war of the ants, anyone?).

But if you can accept the top-down view and the dated graphics, the subject matter and gameplay is enough to keep you hanging on. Playing it is like seeing an old friend again, but noticing his extensive surgery and Botox injections [;)]

And then you remember why it's been so long,- and all the things that irritated you with the first game comes to mind... [:(]

Ok, the graphics & sound is basicly the same as 10+ years ago, but why for the love of God is there still no motor-sound on any vehicles?
It really destroys the immersion when you can't hear a Panther comes rumbling menacingly up the street close to you, but still hear distant gunshots from the battlefield!

That could not have been hard to fix and it would make a BIG difference, because in this game enemy armour is rare and scary beasts for the inf.
Another thing is the behavior of the mortars and the inf. AI sometimes, but that has already been described in this forum.

Up till now I'am pleased with the game, but I would not pay full price for it. I gave just under 30$ for this remake, and that is fair.

Anyway, I just saw "A Bridge Too Far" in Blu-ray again, so I am all fired up for the Grand Campaign!
But I also just read Andrew Williams brilliant AAR, and the Axis side seems too weak for a challenge, and certainly with regard to the historic outcome.

So my questions to the Grand Campaign vets is: Should I put the Axis on Recruit or Green to boost the AI, before I start as the Allied (on Line)?

And what about the game-breaking problems with bridges & blown-bridges that xe5 found? Is Matrix doing anything about it, or can the modders do something?


Tejszd -> RE: First impression (12/1/2011 2:45:04 AM)

For playing against the AI you definitely want to put it as Recruit to get better and or more teams/vehicles.

With the blown bridges issue it would be best to stick to the Ops for now till the next patch. Modders will not be able to do anything about. On the good news front I believe Matrix acknowledged the problem but there is no ETA for a new patch.

Going back to engine sounds supposedly Atomic tested it and removed the feature 10+ years ago due beta tester complaints (continuous engine noise got annoying and when there wasn't many vehicles it would give away a vehicle).

BodyBag -> RE: First impression (12/1/2011 9:30:27 AM)

Thanks for replaying.

I have started a GC with Axis on Recruit just to see how weak the opposition is. I read about a mod called H2H,- does that make the KG's stronger and more historical correct (more armour, higher moral)? How is the verdict?

I still think that the vehicle sounds should be in there, and it would be totally realistic that a noisy tank gets noticed on the battlefield. In most other real-time games you have sound on your vehicles, and that sounds good and adds to the gameplay.
Is there anything a modder can do to put sound on the vehicles?

Anyway, back to the war...


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