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jakla1027 -> Top Speeds in Modding (11/26/2011 3:36:00 PM)

Quick question,

What is the top speed, or fastest speed number you can make/set an aircraft to go in game? I know that the max payload for any aircraft is 65,000. Thus i was wondering if thier was a limit on aircraft speed. Im thinking about modding in some F-86 Saber jets & prehaps some other Korean war era jet aircraft so i didnt want to run into speed resrictions while modding them into the game.

As always thanks for any & all help[:D]

JuanG -> RE: Top Speeds in Modding (11/26/2011 3:39:29 PM)

The actual numerical value in the editor can be set up to 65000, like Max Load.

A different matter is when does the air combat model start breaking down because it wasnt designed for that range of values. This one I have no idea on.

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