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rjh1971 -> Icon display (11/21/2011 9:47:45 PM)


In a random game I have produced factories and in the middle size view they show a graphic glitch, look at the picture, don't know if this happens in all random games or just mine and its an issue that something got corrupted in my game, just posting it in case it is a graphic bug.


Vic -> RE: Icon display (11/29/2011 8:37:29 AM)


this works fine with my version.

1. try reinstalling the game and the patch

2. if it still persists then email me a savefile (+password) to vic@xs4all.nl and i'll take a look.

best regards,

rjh1971 -> RE: Icon display (12/2/2011 10:27:27 PM)

Sorry Vic I have forgot to check for your reply until today, thanks for taking the time to answer.
Let me clarify that the screenshots were taken while running the game under Win Xp, I'm currently running it under Win 7 and they are ok, so I will follow your advice and reinstall the game under Win Xp and let you know what happens.


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