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timoshuk -> Angry Jerries (11/18/2011 6:41:55 AM)

Hi guys, this may have come up before so forgive me if this is old ground. My National Socialist friend and I are playing our 3rd grand campaign so we know quite a bit about the software by now. However, a situation has a risen which is causing quite a bit of unhappiness over on the other side.

My opponent made a withdrawl with his Panthers of the 107 Pz and his paratroopers back over the bridges over the Maas, blowing the captured Grave bridge and losing large elements of his paras which were added to the 107 at the time. Despite a few skirmishes with weak US units, he spent quite a lot of turns camped in Tersdijk acquiring points and material while XXX corps were backing up on the other side of the water. In the meantime, I have managed to maintain open a corridor all the way to Nijmegan over the captured Hatert Bridge. (the screen caps don't quite show that as I had just retreated a unit to Hatert) My Friend has just been given a nasty surprise when he attacked the 508 at Blankenburg bridge only to find them armed with Fireflie, which destroyed 4 Panthers and a Jagdanzer. You can also see that I have managed to acquire a Sherman V and a Stuart in Nijmegan, which has been a relief against his armoured cars... was this just a bug or is it a consequence of leaving the supply lines open, even though the bridges were blown (he never once tried to counter attack in Grave or Rav)?

Also, the bridge sectors have been in my control for a very long time. Will they ever get repaired or can that only happen when the Nazi unit has been destroyed?

A couple of suggestions for any future tweeks:

I think it essential that you remove the tracer round from sniper units, which renders them vulnerable and almost completely ineffective. If anything, maybe just a small muzzle flash, similar to the puff from a mortar? What self-respecting sniper would load tracer?

Also, some form of scrounging system for German heavy weapons. Perhaps when a HMG squad is forced to surrender, a generic heavy weapon squad could be added to the force pool, perhaps with reduced ammo? It woulld make a happy compensation for allowing an opponant to load up with cheap and abundant Dutch machine gunners...

I look forward to your explanations of the way this campaign has developed.

reagrds, Timo

Steve McClaire -> RE: Angry Jerries (11/18/2011 4:52:31 PM)

Hi Timo,

Many battle groups in the campaign will receive additions to their pool of teams at certain points in time.  Some of these are dependent on supply lines, some are not.  In the case of the US airborne battle groups, once they have linked up with XXX Corps (i.e. they have a supply line open all the way to the Allied major depot at Valkenswaard) many of them will receive some British tank support (as they did historically).

There are some issues with bridge repair that are being investigated for a future update.  I can't tell from the screen shot you posted if you've run into the problem case or not.  Major bridges like Ravenstein or Grave take 5-7 turns to repair, but they can't be repaired until there is an open supply line all the way back to the Allied major depot.  If the bridges or maps south of Grave / Ravenstein are blocked then repair will not start (or will stall if started).

And thanks for your suggestions -- we'll keep them in mind for future releases.  The 'tracer' lines are primarily visual information for the player, so he can have some idea of the direction / area incoming fire is coming from, which would be otherwise quite difficult to tell in a top-down game like CC.  So it's not really a tracer bullet being fired in every case.  There is scavenging that occurs during battles -- troops that are low or out of ammunition will scavenge weapons or ammo off nearby casualties.  This doesn't carry over between battles, however.

timoshuk -> RE: Angry Jerries (11/18/2011 5:13:09 PM)

Hi Steve,

thanks for getting back to me. I suspected that might be the case, just have to convince my sceptical opponent... Now to finish off the 107 PZ. Keep up the good work, Timo

kweniston -> RE: Angry Jerries (11/18/2011 5:52:37 PM)


ORIGINAL: Steve McClaire
There are some issues with bridge repair that are being investigated for a future update. 

That is some good news, thanks.

col kapa -> RE: Angry Jerries (11/22/2011 3:58:39 PM)

I am the angry jerry! lol

Grave and Rav were down and not repaired when US paras got armour support
thats why I got angry-also Us paras in Niemegan got tank support and they were completley surrounded

please look at the fkak tower in Grave-it has serius issues

you can park a tank in it! and the level 4 status does not work-make your own battle with allied armour and you will see

oterwise great game-please lets have a patch before another game


Bordic -> RE: Angry Jerries (11/28/2011 2:34:39 PM)


ORIGINAL: kweniston


ORIGINAL: Steve McClaire
There are some issues with bridge repair that are being investigated for a future update. 

That is some good news, thanks.

Yes, we are all hoping... [;)]

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