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larryfulkerson -> RE: Multiplayer M60A3TTS & Fulkerson vs Farfarer (11/21/2011 12:46:46 PM)

I did some screenshot grabs of the numbers of aircraft groups by type and got the following numbers:
84 U-2's, 638 DB-3B's, 710 IL-4's, 150 PE-2's, 1463 SB-2's, 220 TB-3's, and 367 U-2VS's.

So it's looking like I ought to use the SB-2's to help feed the partisans.


larryfulkerson -> RE: Multiplayer M60A3TTS & Fulkerson vs Farfarer (11/21/2011 12:54:50 PM)

This is the end-of-turn front lines for turn 2:


larryfulkerson -> RE: Multiplayer M60A3TTS & Fulkerson vs Farfarer (11/22/2011 3:23:39 AM)

Here's the turn 3 Axis moves before any Soviet recon or Soviet movement:


larryfulkerson -> RE: Multiplayer M60A3TTS & Fulkerson vs Farfarer (11/22/2011 3:33:32 AM)

Here's the turn 3 OOB, losses, destroyed units and production ( all before any Soviet movement ).


larryfulkerson -> RE: Multiplayer M60A3TTS & Fulkerson vs Farfarer (11/22/2011 4:05:21 AM)

Some reinforcements appeared near Leningrad so I'm using them to set up a defensive screen along the Luga River. It's not going to
stop anybody seriously contesting it however. I'm assigning them to the 27th Army for which I bought 2 RR construction Brigades to help with the digging.


M60A3TTS -> RE: Multiplayer M60A3TTS & Fulkerson vs Farfarer (11/22/2011 4:59:36 AM)

fanfarer is a real pocket player, so Larry and I have to stay focused on defensive depth. This latest turn has the pocket at Zhitomir that does not look particularly hard to break. We want to try to keep Leningrad fighting for a while, so we'll need to keep that area well covered.

larryfulkerson -> RE: Multiplayer M60A3TTS & Fulkerson vs Farfarer (11/22/2011 10:57:54 PM)

I just now patched up to the 1.05.42 beta version.

M60A3TTS -> RE: Multiplayer M60A3TTS & Fulkerson vs Farfarer (11/22/2011 11:38:01 PM)

Me too!

M60A3TTS -> Week 3 (11/23/2011 3:30:59 AM)

We moved 8 arms factories from Vsevolzhsky, 7 from Leningrad and 2 from Kiev to Molotov. We also moved 1 T-50 factory from Leningrad to Sverdlovsk. We'll look to pull another 15 arms out next week as well.

We added 30th Army to the rolls and sent them off to Leningrad to aid in the city defense. A good number of units in the area were set to refit.

We also escaped out of one loose pocket near Kiev. Looks like fuel is an issue for some of his fast moving divisions. Most of our stuff is out of the Pripet Marshes. The Axis is up to the Dnepr in the center. In the area of Southwestern and Southern Fronts, I need to start reorganizing divisons somewhat.

Air forces for the southern regions are adequate for future operations.

One thing about this joint game, Larry and I have the understanding that he can take the game and run solo with it any time he feels the desire. I'm hoping that may not happen too soon, as I'd hate to get fired like Pavlov did. [;)]

larryfulkerson -> RE: Week 3 (11/23/2011 4:39:55 AM)

This is the turn 3 Soviet moves. We're pulling back in some places and standing firm in others.


larryfulkerson -> RE: Week 3 (11/23/2011 4:56:09 AM)

I did a sort on Morale in the leaders tab and got a list of the Soviet leaders who need to be replaced because they have low morale.

EDIT: Except for the Rifle Corps. Those are going away via the game engine disbanding. Several each turn are kicking the bucket.


larryfulkerson -> RE: Week 3 (11/23/2011 5:02:04 AM)

Here's something I found to be disturbing. There's a boat-load of airbases that don't have any airplanes on them. Either I have too many airbases and can disband some ( the SAD air bases ) or I should let the natural expansion of the fleet fill the air bases as the new
airplanes are built.


larryfulkerson -> RE: Week 3 (11/23/2011 5:05:54 AM)

Of all the planes that exist only 80 groups of them are in the National Reserve. That's about 1167 of 7,700 or so planes.


larryfulkerson -> RE: Week 3 (11/23/2011 5:24:24 AM)

Some Armament points and Heavy Industry got trapped at Odessa and it's gone now, but there's some industry nearby that needs to
be moved pretty soon. I don't know what the evacuation plan has to say about what gets moved when but I'm hoping these two cities
are pretty soon.


larryfulkerson -> RE: Week 3 (11/23/2011 5:31:10 AM)

I just discovered another reason to get rid of those air bases that are empty. They take up about 5100 men apiece. Each. So those SAD airbases that are going to be disbanded eventually anyway should probably go pretty soon. Those air bases are just about as
big as a regiment so moving the men from those disbanded air bases should supply a significant portion of the reinforcements
available for at least a turn or so.


larryfulkerson -> RE: Week 3 (11/23/2011 5:44:17 AM)

I just had a look at the TOE of the 30th Army HQ unit and was astonished to find 10,000 men in that one unit alone. Moral of the
story is that I don't need any unemployed HQ's anytime soon.


larryfulkerson -> RE: Week 3 (11/23/2011 5:51:28 AM)

The 28th Army assigned to STAVKA is unemployed........maybe I should enlist the services of all those STAVKA divisions in and around
Moscow to build some front lines to the SW of Moscow. I gotta remember to do that in turn 4.


larryfulkerson -> RE: Week 3 (11/23/2011 7:09:04 PM)

Somehow when I created the shell turn 1 for Far to start this game I had the game settings on "easy" which means that only 80% of production is the max for both sides.  So it looks like we're going to restart this game and use the game settings for "normal" or 100%.

larryfulkerson -> restart turn 1 again (11/25/2011 3:20:29 AM)

Here's the front lines as they appear after the Axis has moved in their half of turn 1. Far is off to a good start again.


larryfulkerson -> RE: restart turn 1 again (11/25/2011 3:25:31 AM)

I moved all the planes to NR and set the support level to 0 for the Armies and Corps so the SU's will flow to STAVKA.  Also, I was
checking the HQ's just now ( after setting them to 0 support level ) and I noticed that Kiev M.D. has the most SU's so I investigated
and it seems that Kiev has just about enough Howitzers to give each of it's 7 Forts 2 howitzers each. That ought to stiffen up the
forts a little. I don't remember anybody's AAR mentioning giving howitzers to his forts and what the results were. So this is an
experiment. Just to see what the combat results are. I think maybe the Soviet Union can afford some guns.


larryfulkerson -> RE: restart turn 1 again (11/25/2011 3:40:01 AM)

This is the 16th Fort which belongs to the Kiev M.D. and this is the pick list to assign some SU's to the forts. I'm thinking of giving the
16th two of the 41c Regimental Arty tubes.

EDIT: I came to my senses just now. I'm playing a multiplayer game larry. Kiev is M60A3TTS's domain. So I'll leave the issue to M60.


larryfulkerson -> RE: restart turn 1 again (11/25/2011 4:01:27 AM)

I gave all the air base commands a support level of 3 which might facilitate getting some AA units to the air commands.


larryfulkerson -> RE: restart turn 1 again (11/25/2011 4:12:04 AM)

I caught myself moving M60's stuff again just now. I pulled back on several units before I remembered this is M60's stuff to move.
Sorry about that Ed. Old habit.


larryfulkerson -> RE: restart turn 1 again (11/25/2011 4:23:00 AM)

Here's my game plan for the north. Pull back is the name of the game. I'm hoping to find the critical mass neccessary for a front line
sometime relatively soon.


larryfulkerson -> RE: restart turn 1 again (11/25/2011 4:39:44 AM)

None of these Soviet units will stop the Axis or even slow them down all that much but it's better than nothiing. I've formed two lines
here hoping to soak up most of the MP's of the Axis units hopefully.


larryfulkerson -> RE: restart turn 1 again (11/25/2011 4:46:18 AM)

There's a largish pocket west of Minsk and I'm afraid those guys are all write-offs and I'm doing a circle-the-wagons kind of thing to make
the suspense last longer.


larryfulkerson -> RE: restart turn 1 again (11/25/2011 4:52:16 AM)

All the important industry is gone from Minsk now. He got the armament and heaavy industry both.


larryfulkerson -> RE: restart turn 1 again (11/25/2011 5:08:22 AM)

There's a lot of Russian units that can't move this turn but I've tried to form a sort of screen around the possible routes Far is going to
take to get to Smolensk / Moscow. Maybe I'll have enough people next turn for a second line behind this first one.


larryfulkerson -> RE: restart turn 1 again (11/25/2011 5:17:33 AM)

Almost 790,000 men have been added to the front line units. That's downright heart warming. Maybe it'll keep it up at that same rate.
Probably not. But at least it's a lot more than the Axis units are getting.


larryfulkerson -> RE: restart turn 1 again (11/25/2011 5:20:37 AM)

Even though 50,000 trucks were mobilized this turn there's still a shortage of trucks so movement will be slower than otherwise. One
more thing to hamper the Soviets. But we'll get through this phase in about 10 turns or so.


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