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WEEK 133 - 12/30/43

In administrative matters, one rather pugnacious army commander has been pestering Marshal Zhukov for weeks to be a reassigned to another command. He finally gets his wish and is transferred to the Belorussian Front.


Pugnacious - I take offense to that remark. I think you intended to say "charismatic, dashing, and brilliant"! And don't forget handsome....[:D]

M60A3TTS -> Week 139 and 140 (9/24/2012 4:01:16 AM)

WEEKS 139 and 140 - 2/10/44 to 2/17/44

The drive to the Gulf of Riga and the Bay of Danzig continues. 3rd Guards Tank Army and other mobile formations are now 30 miles from Tilsit, the last remaining German rail link to the north.

Units of the Leningrad Front are fast approaching the Volkhov and continue to encounter no opposition.

In the south, the Red Army is over the Dnestr and Odessa is all but surrounded.

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Bay of Danzig


Southwest Ukraine


M60A3TTS -> Week 141 and 142 (9/26/2012 3:50:35 PM)

WEEKS 141 AND 142 - 2/24/44 to 3/2/44

The Red Army closes on Leningrad and has reached the Baltic Sea. The Germans evacuated all but one division between Riga and Memel. In the south, the troops advance towards the Rumanian border.







Southern Ops


M60A3TTS -> Week 143 to 146 (9/30/2012 2:23:51 AM)

WEEKS 143 to 146 - 3/9/44 to 3/30/44

For several weeks rain has brought operations in the Koenigsberg region to a halt. Tank formations were strengthened during the break. Steady progress was made in the south. In the last week, snow arrived. Soviet mechanized formations have now begun pushing on towards the Vistula while rifle and mountain units move into Rumania.

M60A3TTS -> RE: Week 143 to 146 (9/30/2012 2:31:10 AM)


Pelton -> RE: Week 143 to 146 (9/30/2012 3:31:17 AM)

Wow nice job.

From thinking about throwing in the towel to crushing your enemy.

Who was it that thought you were done and had little chance?

M60A3TTS -> Weeks 147 and 148 (10/3/2012 12:56:12 AM)

WEEK 147 to 148 - 4/6/44 to 4/13/44

Our forces continue to close up on the enemy outside Leningrad.

The Red Army advances to the gates of Warsaw. The Polish Home Army crosses the border to return to their homeland.

In foreign affairs, Rumania has left the Axis and joined the Soviet Union against their former allies. Fyodor Tolbukhin's North Caucasus Front advances west through what is now friendly territory.

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The Front Rolls West


Lvov Sector




M60A3TTS -> WEEKS 149-152 and Capitulation (Thread open to Farfarer) (10/6/2012 5:55:58 PM)

WEEKS 149 to 152 - 4/20/44 to 5/11/44

Continuous rains broke long enough in May for a concentrated push towards the Vistula. A number of German panzer and panzergrenadier divisions faced the prospects of being surrounded.

Pavel Rotmistrov's 1st Guards Tank Army in combination with other Red Army units drove around the flanks of 10th SS Panzer Division with two infantry divisions, pocketing them.

South of Warsaw, the Vistula was crossed. Meanwhile Markian Popov's 3rd Shock Army along with Issa Pliev's 57th Army (tank/cavalry corps) prepared for mobile operations in the vicinity of Krakow.

Mud struck in the 153rd Week of the campaign.

Then this message came from Farfarer:

The Mud came back everywhere. Although I displaced a Mech div and moved everyone out near Koenisgberg, I noticed that 10th SS is surrounded, whith no hope of relief due to Mud. It is scheduled to withdraw, so it will mandatorily rebuild, taking my next 10 turns of Infantry an Armour production with it as I can't "turn it off" like a normal replacement. The manadatory withdrawals have to coddled or they will take away all the repalcement.

Time to surrender! Thanks for the game.

So the thread is now open to Farfarer. My thanks to him for the game and encouraging me to continue playing, even if it was for only half a day when I thought I was done with it. [:)]

M60A3TTS -> RE: WEEKS 149-152 and Capitulation (Thread open to Farfarer) (10/6/2012 5:58:50 PM)

Ending battle lines along the Prussian/Polish area of operations


M60A3TTS -> RE: WEEKS 149-152 and Capitulation (Thread open to Farfarer) (10/6/2012 6:05:09 PM)



M60A3TTS -> RE: WEEKS 149-152 and Capitulation (Thread open to Farfarer) (10/6/2012 6:12:34 PM)





Farfarer61 -> RE: WEEKS 149-152 and Capitulation (Thread open to Farfarer) (10/6/2012 8:38:08 PM)

While willing to go to Berlin fall, all the lessons had been learned in this game. I submit it was the most "experimental" one out there.


Before the Blizzard, 100 Pecent of the army went back to Poland. Rumania etc. In 1942, you have a glorious high morale Ost Heer.

While fun, taking Kazan and Kirov had little effect on the Red Army.

You can wage a very good defensive war with a high morale Panzer Armee ( the south), but a massive strike south from Moscow to take the Donbas might have been a better strategic choice.

In 1943, be content with regional success, a knock out blow will not be possible. Of course, I had to try in order to learn. A near run thing in any case.

Infantry strength just bleeds away for the Axis. Dont think they are expendable as "panzers rule". It is actually kind of weird, like a hard wired collapse. Just a sense at this point.


1943 without a Ride of the Valkyries, as I want to see if a mobile game is not only more fun, but possible if you preserve your force rather than rolling the dice.

I also want to thank others AARs in which I found helpful tweaks to production, and Saint Pelton's observations ( or that B$stard if you are Sov Fanboy or a Dev) :)

I dont want a fort belt turtle game, so of course I will always lose, so this makes me an attractive opponent :)

Farfarer61 -> RE: WEEKS 149-152 and Capitulation (Thread open to Farfarer) (7/7/2013 5:00:25 AM)

Shameless bump to let those interested to review the "weirdest game ever".

Pelton -> RE: WEEKS 149-152 and Capitulation (Thread open to Farfarer) (7/7/2013 7:55:20 AM)


ORIGINAL: Farfarer

Infantry strength just bleeds away for the Axis. Dont think they are expendable as "panzers rule". It is actually kind of weird, like a hard wired collapse. Just a sense at this point.

It is hard wired or was because of several bugs that have been fixed in 1.07.

If you would have gone over to defensive set-up and stiffened the shortest route to Berlin in March 43, instead of what you did you had a very good chance at a draw.

Its impossible for SHC to crack GHC lines until 43/44 winter if you have managed to have a good 41+42.

You have to have a long term plan in place and follow it. Yes be flexaible but not to the point of throwing away a draw which can be seen happening allot.

You have to be thinking about the big picture during 41/42 blizzard, setting up some army's into defensive mode in 42. Going for broke in 42 or 43 will simply brake the back of GHC and not SHC in most cases.

The south is where the most manpower centers are located and easyist to take not the north.

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