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Anguille -> I surrender! (11/16/2011 2:03:59 PM)

Gee...wanted to start slowly with the German campaign and got completly destroyed...after having played and won a scenario of Panzer Korps this morning, i thought i could manage this without reading the manual...big mistake.

Well done boys...

Erik Rutins -> RE: I surrender! (11/16/2011 2:40:59 PM)

Glad you are enjoying it. The AI is definitely not a pushover! My first test with a beta version where I left a gap in my lines and it cut off half my forces woke me up as well. [8D]


- Erik

tgb -> RE: I surrender! (11/16/2011 3:14:43 PM)

Plus the campaign is not in order of difficulty.  If you look at the scenario list, both opening scenarios are rated "hard".

gunhojr -> RE: I surrender! (11/16/2011 5:11:30 PM)

all senarios are winable just need to have the correct strategy never leave a gap ai will take it.the ai is very good for most part i think baku is where it needs improvement on ai the hole russian army for the most part dont move.but ive enjoyed beta testing this one and had more fun with this than panzercorps.but each has there own thinking.a wll fun game loved all parts of game its not square pieces and units look nice.some people dont like soldiers the way they look but i feel they look nice.thanks for the game matrix.hope there will be alot of addons.

Anguille -> RE: I surrender! (11/18/2011 3:52:51 PM)

It's really a great game...love it. The artwork is superb for my taste and i enjoy the "chess/boardgame" visuals (being an avid chess player). For my part i don't see the need of any nato edition (while it's something i want in Time of Fury).

- I'd like to see the supply lines at the same time as being able to move my units if it's possible. I always have to switch when i want to resupply a unit.
- Add a "are you sure to reload the campaign" when someone selects reload the campaign instead of the scenario [8|]


Noakesy -> RE: I surrender! (11/18/2011 3:59:35 PM)

I'd agree with everything you say. I thought at first I wouldn't like it too much as I'm a big fan of NATO symbols and all that sort of thing. But I think the interface, the presentation, the look and feel and various nuances are really nice. Not sure how good it will be on the replayability front, but as long as you can get internet opponents it'll last a while I hope (at least long enough until Unity of Command II comes out [;)][:D])

cpdeyoung -> RE: I surrender! (11/18/2011 5:52:23 PM)

I am very impressed. The manual (I only found two typos) and the tutorial do a great job. The introductory scenario is fun, and just the right level of complexity for a beginning.

I love the art design, and when I turned on the subtle hex grid I was delighted. This is a lovely feature.

A very nice piece of work.


sth1119 -> RE: I surrender! (11/18/2011 8:49:50 PM)

I first noticed the pending release of this game last week. I liked the screen shots and am intrigued by the supply system. The reviews I havev seen are very positive and the forums entries, though still sparce, have ****ed my interest. I will pick this up tonight. I am looking forward to a late night battling on the russian steppes.

nenad -> RE: I surrender! (11/19/2011 5:11:01 PM)

Thanks for the feedback, guys. We're happy you are all having a good time with UoC.

Yeah, the chess vibe was something we were aiming for. I'm really glad this is actually directly noticeable.

A remark about counters, the thing that seems to bother most people, predominantly ones who didn't play the game. The unit counters are just a fraction of the whole visual feedback system in UoC, a "topmost layer" if you will. The system consists roughly of: interface architecture (layout and functionality) + information display design + feedback animations + (finally) main unit and map graphics and decorative animations.

You need to experience the whole thing firsthand to get the feel for how it all works together. Seeing screenshots (which admittedly look like any other hex game + "weird" elements) and just *assuming* the game interface operates like e.g. your ordinary Panzer General clone could be a bit misleading.

We encourage you to mod the counters if you think it'll enhance your experience with the game. We're confident the foundations are good enough to handle a lot of stretching.

I'm speaking here solely about the visual side of the game, although we've used a similar thorough approach in the design of the game mechanics.

The remark about supply display appeared a couple of times already. It's a good suggestion and we are considering putting it in.

nenad -> RE: I surrender! (11/19/2011 5:31:38 PM)


Not sure how good it will be on the replayability front, but as long as you can get internet opponents it'll last a while I hope (at least long enough until Unity of Command II comes out [;)][:D])

I think you won't be disappointed regarding replayability. As Ante already stated elsewhere, AI is fairly deterministic but it reacts and adapts to your moves. So every time you try something different, AI will try to parry in a different way. Knowing that most of the scenarios are winnable in several ways (historical and couple of alternatives) it should be enough to spur interest for quite some time. And there is always an incentive to beat your best score in a scenario or campaign, and of course - the multiplayer.

gdrover -> RE: I surrender! (11/20/2011 9:30:18 PM)

Nenad -

REALLY enjoying this game. Played the first five German Capaign scenarios yesterday.
I was able to notch decisive wins in all 5, but 'brilliant' seemed impossible to achieve...as a matter of fact, in a couple of scenarios there seem to be objectives that are literally impossible to reach in the alloted time. Is this meant to simulate the frustration that the German commanders often felt with direction from OKW/ Hitler? ;-)

So the natural follow-up question is: 'When can we have more?' What is the next offering in this great new series, and when do you think it might be available?

One request would be a few 'grand scenarios': 200 turn scenarios that cover the entire war for each of Army Group North, Center, and South. This would offer even more continuity and reason to be careful with your resources/ troops. One adjustment would have to be prestige awarded during the battle for capturing objectives (and maybe destroying enemy units), rather than at the end.

Anguille -> RE: I surrender! (11/22/2011 8:47:39 AM)

New suggestion...could you also display the supply lines of the enemy?


Anguille -> RE: I surrender! (11/24/2011 3:00:36 PM)

I am suffering in Stalingrad...oh boy...not going to win this one...i may have to restart the full campaign as i see it (not enough prestige left). [X(]

I am wondering if it's possible to win the campaigns without winning any prestige (by finishing the battles only within limit of time)?

Anguille -> RE: I surrender! (11/24/2011 5:02:04 PM)

Ok...just won Stalingrad on turn 24...no much troops left...i guess i need to have better victories in order to have a longer campaign...hard hard but fun. To me, this is the best thing since Civil War 2: Generals. I see many other WWII options (Normandy etc) but also different historical possibilities: US Civil War, Napoleonic, Alexander the Great...  

2xTom -> RE: I surrender! (11/24/2011 9:35:18 PM)

Congrats! [:D]

I think it would actually be great if someone un-selfconsciously made an AAR of a first attempt like this (or first successful attempt, at any rate).

Otherwise, people might think that dishing out brilliant victories like ComradeP does in his AARs is somehow the norm. It's not - the game is pretty hard and even us developers don't get BVs if don't focus and play well.

Hanal -> RE: I surrender! (11/25/2011 4:26:50 AM)

I consider myself a B grade wargamer, not near the top by any means, and yet I have to say that this game is kicking my ass!


Duck Doc -> RE: I surrender! (11/25/2011 3:54:37 PM)

Well, I am a C-. It took more than a few times for me to prevail in Race to Rostov. If this is an "Easy" scenario it is going to be long & painful. I am a slow learner but I am improving incrementally each pass through. The AI is very good.

I have had the benefit of much re-playability... unfortunately. [:D] [sm=scared0018.gif]



I consider myself a B grade wargamer, not near the top by any means, and yet I have to say that this game is kicking my ass!


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