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trhinz -> Shimonoseki Resources (11/10/2011 6:02:55 PM)

In my PBEM game with zuluhour which is using the beta releases as they appear, I have noted that resources at Shimonoseki have stayed at 28,000 for weeks while the quantity everywhere else varies daily. Is this WAD or a bug?

Mike Solli -> RE: Shimonoseki Resources (11/10/2011 7:03:46 PM)

WAD. The AI keeps a certain amount of resources and oil at certain bases and pushes the rest to Honshu. All is good.

Don't ask what the formula is because I haven't a clue.

trhinz -> RE: Shimonoseki Resources (11/10/2011 8:36:49 PM)

Thanks Mike

Mike Solli -> RE: Shimonoseki Resources (11/10/2011 8:48:49 PM)

You're welcome. Several of us noticed the same thing with Nagasaki. That's when we figured out the AI was shipping stuff from Kyushu (and later Shikoku) to Honshu and we didn't need to use merchant shipping there.

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