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PEWPEW -> What exactly makes an effient raid/fighter sweep? (11/5/2011 10:55:59 PM)

I got the game recently and was wondering about how to efficiently use my forces. I've been reading a few AARs and some guides in the forums but so far I can't seem to apply them to my own game. So here I was wondering about a few questions.

1. What altitude should my planes fly at? I'm playing the Eagle day full campaign and I'm wondering if the altitude really makes a difference. So far I don't really see any difference between flying my planes at 7000 as opposed to 15000.

2. How does cloud cover effect the altitude I should set for my planes? Say if there's 12% at 5000 feet does that mean that I have a high chance of bouncing planes under 5000 if my planes are above 5000 and that keeping them above lessens the damage made to my planes by AA guns?

3. As the Luftwaffe how do I successfully engage the RAF, every mission I take losses more than the enemy. On a good day this means 20RAF to 30LW losses on a bad day 10RAF to 40 LF losses.

4. I've been sending out Fighter sweeps into enemy airfields about 30 minutes before the start of my bombers. Is it better to split the planes up to go to a lot of airfields or a few?

5. Some times I use fighter sweeps to cover my bombing runs, I've been hesitant to use delays. So I be using them?

6. Are some bombers better at attacking certain places than others? So say that I'm attacking airfield, would it be better to use Stukas or level bombers? How do the stats on the unit's pages reflect these?

lastdingo -> RE: What exactly makes an effient raid/fighter sweep? (11/6/2011 12:35:21 AM)

My relatively simple strategy:

Knock out Rolls Royce Derby asap. Move a couple bomber groups to the Netherlands, knock out some East coast radar stations to create a gap (surprise attacks at 400 ft, one bomber group each and spacing 2 hrs over two days). When all planned groups are available on third day launch a diversionary attack, on a coastal target and time the main attack (7k ft) such that it arrives over the coast when the interceptors already turn home.
Similar tactic works for similar Mid-English targets.
This knocks out much of their Rolls Royce Merlin engine production (play British campaign day one and look at their production list to see where they produce Merlins). Hit the other Merlin production factories in the following days.


Use Bf 110 fighter-bombers flying at max altitude to knock out difficult South England targets.


Knock out Woolwhich arsenal early (less AAA), as it is an easy target (especially a fine secondary target).


Use bombers that you don't need in daylight for night bombing in order to gain some terror points (if you like). Use several bomber raids with same ETA in parallel. This shortens the time over target and thus minimises the opportunities for the night interceptors. use the KG 100 units or bomber groups with very high experience rating as pathfinders (raid leaders).


Knock out the ball bearing factories.


Once you've knocked out ball bearing factories (over 80%) and the Merlin factories (as well as most new engine factories that pop up to replace the Merlin engine factories) proceed with a focus on airfields.
Systematic reconnaissance of South England airfields (primary and secondary) is necessary. make notes during the rounds on where Spitfires and Hurricanes take off. Focus on airfields with more than 20 fighters, make notes about how long after the sortie time of a typical major raid of yours they land again.
Cover one such airfield with bomb attacks and fighter patrols at 7k ft for about an hour around the projected landing time (fighter sweep close escort staggered in 10 minute intervals, use 109E-1 for high escort at +3k ft or as bomber escorts).


The RAF won't last long, for they get almost no new Spitfires or Hurricanes due to lack of engines, get almost no AAA and they will keep losing Spitfires and Hurricanes at about 20-30/day. These effects will show up on the strength figures after a while, for you first chew through their inventory of spare planes.

PEWPEW -> RE: What exactly makes an effient raid/fighter sweep? (11/6/2011 2:54:44 AM)

Are there any guides or something to help me plan my own raids? I'd prefer to plan my own raids for the bigger campaigns.

lastdingo -> RE: What exactly makes an effient raid/fighter sweep? (11/6/2011 11:52:15 AM)

Maybe I could make a gamesave and show it to you, I'll look at that.

lastdingo -> RE: What exactly makes an effient raid/fighter sweep? (11/6/2011 12:44:23 PM)

I did two gameesaves.

The first one shows
- a night attack,
- a surprise attack on a radar station,
- an unescorted daring attack on RR Derby (75-10% destroyed in my test runs)
- a 110 fighter bomber attack on a distant ball bearing factory
- a normal escorted attack on a close ball bearing factory
The loss ratio isn't good in this one, but the damage to RR Derby alone is worth dozens of fighters.

The second one shows a fighter sweep chain against Biggin hill (34 fighters there),
including interception of landing fighters (in my test run).

PEWPEW -> RE: What exactly makes an effient raid/fighter sweep? (11/6/2011 9:56:31 PM)

Ok I've gotten a basic idea of FS and low level raiding on radar stations. Could you explain to me how to maximise damage on PRI Airfields and Industrial targets? My two main problems is that sometimes my fighters don't even hit a single plane, and other times my bombers just don't hit their target.

lastdingo -> RE: What exactly makes an effient raid/fighter sweep? (11/7/2011 5:36:25 PM)

Look at the stats of the anti air artillery. Most firepower ends below 7k ft altitude. You can usually attack at 7k ft just as well as at 20k ft. The bombers will be more accurate that lowly.

Make sure that Ju 86 flies recce above 40k ft for invulnerability, of course.
IIRC Bf 110C-5 recce is immune to some interceptor types at its service ceiling, too.
All other recce aircraft should only be used on coastal targets and then only late in the day or late during air strikes (=busy interceptors).

Surprise attacks through intact radar coverage can be flown at 400 ft (that's below CHL coverage). They don't miss anything from that altitude. How could they?
This works fine against targets without balloons or light AAA.

Damage on PRI airfields is imho not important. I do it at most late in the game, to push for the final few points. Lay a route around defended targets so only the airfield's AAA can fire and bomb the airfield normally, as if it was a factory. 100 bombers should do the trick.

There's always a bit luck involved.
I did two test runs on the first file I uploaded and once the bombers destroyed RR Derby 100%, second try (with less interceptor interference due to improved timing) only 75%.
FS results varied greatly, too.

Btw, I gave my fighters a wrong altitude in the files. Bomber escorts should be 7-10k ft above the bombers because bounce bomber tactic makes interceptors seek a 5-6k ft advantage. Escorts at 3k ft would still need to climb to meet the interceptors.

PEWPEW -> RE: What exactly makes an effient raid/fighter sweep? (11/9/2011 2:56:24 AM)

Ok I'm at turn 31 now with an AS of 4/5, it's constantly shifting at this point. For a two weeks the RAF was getting loseing the 20-30s zone but now I can't seem to any anymore than 20. I'm doing FS's at 6 am going in and hitting Airfields with more than 30 craft. At most I'm getting 1-5 destroyed planes per field. On one particular airfield there were supposed to be 50 planes yet I've only managed to hit 3 or so with a flight of 90 planes. The incoming amount of Craft x damaged has also decreased.

lastdingo -> RE: What exactly makes an effient raid/fighter sweep? (11/9/2011 4:37:33 PM)

Keep bombing valuable targets as well, in order to add kills in escort missions.
You can fly occasional airfield raids in the afternoon, when most of their fighters are unfit for take-off and sitting targets. Use well-armed fighters for strafing (no 109E-1s).

Bomb the **** out of primary airfields in order to get the last necessary points when you are close to victory.

PEWPEW -> RE: What exactly makes an effient raid/fighter sweep? (11/14/2011 6:33:40 PM)

I started a new game, the last one was going to draw out. In my new game I haven't had much luck of taking out the Rolls royce engine factory. The damage is at 59, so is it still considered inoperable till it reaches 50 damage or below?

lastdingo -> RE: What exactly makes an effient raid/fighter sweep? (11/14/2011 7:40:12 PM)

I think the output is reduced according to damage, and at 59 damage it's likely to transfer some production (of several engines per day) to new shadow factories. The latter will become visible as new engine factories after days or weeks, usually size 1. Their production of Merlins will only begin after weeks.

I'm not sure about the extent to which Eagle Day uses identical mechanics to BTR, but if BTR mechanics apply you should have knocked out the equivalent of about new 180 fighters with that damage.

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