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Dewi -> Re buying Advanced tactics. (11/5/2011 5:38:41 PM)

Hi All, I've just downloaded gold edition, having played advanced tactics some 5 years ago, but since broken my laptop.

Are downloads for the original advanced tactics, ie nato counters etc compatible with the new game? Are scanerios for the old advanced tactics playable in the gold engine?

Looking forward to playing by email again :D

ernieschwitz -> RE: Re buying Advanced tactics. (11/5/2011 5:40:15 PM)

As far as i know, everything is compatible :)

Dewi -> RE: Re buying Advanced tactics. (11/5/2011 5:59:14 PM)

Bang on, now to persuade my friend to buy it too, and we can play each other.

oooooo exciting, havent played it for 5 years:)

budd -> RE: Re buying Advanced tactics. (11/5/2011 6:07:16 PM)

They are playable but you have to use the old master file with the old scenarios, which would be just like the old game. The old ones weren't made to use resources. the nato counters and graphic mods work fine. The scenario bank says which engine the mod was made for.

Dewi -> RE: Re buying Advanced tactics. (11/6/2011 12:50:20 AM)

I've been looking on advanced but cant find it. anyone got a link to the nato counters?

Shadehawk -> RE: Re buying Advanced tactics. (11/6/2011 9:39:34 AM)

Check the Mod section:

Dewi -> RE: Re buying Advanced tactics. (11/6/2011 2:05:02 PM)

Thanks, struggling to install it though, everything looks a lot more complicated than in 2008 :), still plenty to learn

budd -> RE: Re buying Advanced tactics. (11/6/2011 3:42:25 PM)

Go to the ATG community site for all the downloads, you have to sign up to download. In the game just click install zip file and find the file wherever you downloaded it too and click open. After that it should be an option when you start the game, a menu should pop up. Hope this helps.

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