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Husky_MatrixForum -> Glide bombs attack (11/2/2011 6:26:23 AM)

Is glide bombing for TB/FB/F planes not working in WitPAE with beta patch? I tried using this planes against ground targets at different altitudes but they performed only a normal level bombing attacks.
Is this rule is wrong now?


ORIGINAL: michaelm
Mission: Bombing
A/c type: DB
(1) Group altitude: 10-15K
A/c are treated as if performing a diving attack
(2) Group altitude: 16-19K
A/c are treated as if performing a glide attack
(3) Group altitude: <1K
A/c are treated as if performing a low level attack
(4) Group altitude: 20+ or 1-9K
A/c are treated as if performing a normal horizontal attack
The attacks are based on altitude flown.

inqistor -> RE: Glide bombs attack (11/5/2011 8:55:05 AM)

I think TB gliding was disabled in one of the betas, but Fighters should still work (or maybe they were only dive bombing?). Anyway all informations should be in some obscure readme for patches, hard to find really.



Changed TBs excluded from dive bombing accuracy change in order to address LB accuracy issue [MEM]

cavalry -> RE: Glide bombs attack (11/10/2011 11:58:13 AM)

Is it fair to say that for attacking ships DB should be at 10-15k? For best chance of a hit ( but more flak)?

KHawk -> RE: Glide bombs attack (11/11/2011 12:36:40 PM)


Since beta [1108e] I have not seen any aircraft glide bomb. It should have taken the ability away from TB, but I think it also stopped F & FB from doing it as well.

I raised this point back then but you and I seem to be the only two who notice that Fighters and Fighter-Bombers do not glide bomb now.


Travix -> RE: Glide bombs attack (11/12/2011 10:38:24 PM)

I've noticed it too. Fighter bombers used to glide bomb at 10-19k feet but not anymore. It's concerning because I trained a bunch of pilots in air skill and naval bombing to fly Nicks in my PBEM. Being restricted to level bombing I expect them to be close to useless now.

witpqs -> RE: Glide bombs attack (11/12/2011 11:53:34 PM)

I don't recall all the altitudes versus attack profiles, but I do remember that there was a problem where Glide Bombing was allowed at far to high an altitude, leading to unrealistically great accuracy. That was fixed in a Beta, IIRC.

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