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Nedrear -> [Galactopedia] Juned Trade Federation (Shakturi Timeline - adjourned) (11/1/2011 7:01:42 PM)


- DW (RotS) but no pre-story only pre races
- Biggest spiral galaxy
- No space creatures!
- Very Slow research!
- Beginning of expansion!
- Reduced growth rate for humans: 3,5% (improving the choice and worth of new colonies)
- Humans get new characteristics.
- Humans gain the trade alliance goverment.
- Humans can settle ocean planets by default (RP these ones are not entirely composed of water but rather > 80%).
- Modified Bonus values, no spy bonus, but therefore the ability "Improvisaton" -5% ship cost and "Overexploit" +10% mining
- Only advanced empire at start is the "Zenoxian Archive"
- The rest is default

Unusal occurences

- Names will be modified through the game editor!
- Not intended events like exploding space stations or pirate wars will happen by editor. These random events are random in itself. I got a dice!


High Commander Kurthak (Shakturi Timeline)

Age: 71 (*10.05.5260 Turek - 29.03.5331 "Price of Merit", Battle of Lhakthorak)
Position: Ruler of the Turek military meritocracy
Alignment: Chaotic 24 / Lawful 86 - Evil 121 / Good 53 - Renegade 91 / Paragon 31

Intelligence: 66 / Wisdom: 69 / Charisma: OXO / Valor: 77 / Savant: 15
Troop-Command: 18 / Fleet-Command: 18 / Politics: 20 / Economy: 30 + 5

Hazkuk Kurthak was part of an ordinary military family in Turek. Like all of his generation he was part in the national service and found himself cunning and quickwitted, though prone of any talents of mind. He quickly arose and thereafter stayed in the military, leading his troops to many a victory after learning defeat by his enemies, paying them back tenfold.
After his rise to High Officer of Space demands (7th in hierarchy) and his reform of the space resupply strategy, he quickly outwitted his brothers of merit, overtaking the next positions through renegade actions of exposure or deposure instead of their timely deaths. Becoming the prime master of economy and High Officer of Public Activities (3rd in hierarchy) he quickly reformed the whole structure of the Turek dynasty, damaging the military strength in the short run by rearranging the economic uptake of the empire and instigating some revolts. These revolts got backers, founded by the traitor in foreign affairs. Being opposed by his previously deposed predecessors and his rival to power, the High Officer of the Empire Dhagrul, he found the current High Commander a trustworthy ally to his schemes and obliterated his enemys swiftly by taking over both positions of second and third officer of the empire thus combining freedom of treasury and diplomacy as needed. He allied the wounded Turek with his rivals in crime, Fenur and Nogned, paying handsomely in reward what was left in Tureks treasury and beyond.
The revolt left the empire weakened, but Kurthak, 37 at that time, didn't stop there. After gaining control as High Commander some months later in an honorably ceremony of merit, relieving the previous ruler, he attained everything necessary to end what he began. He deported the families of the traitors to 'redeem" their families deeds in prison and concluded the economic reforms, raising Tureks power overall. Renewing the social system on a side note he completly forced an alteration to a still earthbound society and made them a space fairing horror.
To pay the last charges of war merits to Nogned and Fernur the authocratic alliance took flight in the last planetary war of the century not one year later, shattering the last alliance other then them on their continent, thus ending a long line of rivalry and spite. Every citizen afterwards, falling out of discipline and merit to society, was utterly punished and thrown out of the empire.
High Commander Kurthak was the only person not to sway in front of Jimgards threat. Instead he 'offered' an undeniable deal. His military might and potential threat together with their technology to thwart the other nations into submission. Still being High Commander in name, Turek would be the leader of the republic military, keeping peace within and saving their system of merit, while taking control of all the ressources to expand. Sealing this favorable contract the new republic headquarter, the Obsidian Hall, was build on Turek territory.
Following the first republic war, leaving his troops in care of his promising and favoured High Officer of the Fleets (4th in hierarchy) and his timely demise at the Tatoime betrayal of Hilkaan, he engaged personally in the second war. Defending Jimgard, Fernur, Nogned, Woraned and Turek in battle aboard the 'Price of Merit' he personally swayed the superior alliance against him to a stand still, dying in the battle of Lhakthorak in the skies of Juned as the cowardly alliance focused all orbital guns on the sabotaged capital ship lead by Kurthak, thus dooming the master mind behind the republic. A peace treaty was offered thereafter, though instigated by the alliance not Turek since both couldn't go on.

Note: His demise might not be the same in Legend, as the starting system would give the conflict other precedences!

The Universe



The Jahala system was originally referred to as the "Sun System". It was proven later that the things called stars where the exact same thing, though that did not alter the attitude towards the reference in any way. That changed when the starships were built and the light impulses of the military ships became more frequent. Nobody said anything, but it was clear that every major nation wanted to be a part in the race for ressources on distant planets of the now small solar system. It was in the wake of the old republic plan that the system would get its final name: Jahala, the Hekana mother of legend. This should adress the growing urge of some citiziens of space to connect to their home world in a matter of a system, not a planet on which many never walked upon. Just like that Jahala became the mother of all humanity as the people of Juned knew it.
The system was composed of ten planets in the past, mostly barren and dead. Though the sun swallowed the closest volcanic sister of the grey twins in 1974 the remaining nine planets are keeping a secure distance to the hungry star denying any further fuel for her rampage. Rather than becoming a myth or legend this event hit modern times and created a public event, following a running joke still in existance today.
The innermost planet is known as Maheka, Jorgit or simply "the Grey", depending on the prospector and his origin, but the official names today follow the Hekana mythology. Only exeption is the human planet of Juned. Close around Maheka is the moon Kehoi and not far away the bright sister planet Hana and her bright moons Fena and Loge. As the color might differ, the general features are the same. All of them are rock planetoids.
Eventually Juned was to be the fourth and now third planet of the system, consisting mostly of water with shallow oceans. It was here that the people of Juned took their stand against ferocious beasts of the sea to struggle for ressources to climb the sky as the scarce land rather proved for reasons of war then trade. Close by is the once inhabitable and now deserted planet of Banjena. Though first expeditions proved fruital to exploit the ressources, the planet as of now is not able to habitat any people anymore.
The fifth orbit gives home to the hydrogen gas giant Koala and his hiding rock moon Hekelaio in its ring. It was unable to ignite itself and waits unless the far off supernova of Jahala will do so eventually. It is the primary fuel port for most civilian subdrives going at 500km/s as opposed to the military hyper drive of 1250000km/s available only to honored people and merchants. In between are dozens of licenses depending on the background of a person for engines in between. Selarabu though, the next gas giant, is a storm planet, unable to give a constant stratosphere to even fly through. That and his white ice moon Tatoime made the scientists curios as it might help develop new protective parts, new tools to analyze quick changing matter including stealth and help create more shock resitant modules.
Another useless storm giant, Kadumae, travels the seventh orbit with the lone follower Gejoto, a rocky moon cowered in black soil full of lead. They visit their blue gas neighbor, Hosenki, on the eight orbit only once every seventy-two years.
The furthermost planet was discovered in a late period. Never did people watch to the furthest stars until they finally got the ability to look up from the deadly blue of the sea. Moaine, the "Forgotten", was never mentioned in the Hekana mythology and was claimed by the Turek military after the rare gas on it proved valuable in future research. A war followed, leaving many wrecks on its surface, deep in the ice.

The story of Maheka and Hana

It is said the servant of Jahala, Maheka, received a gift from her master. Born from this gift was her child moon Kehoi. Shortly afterwards her twin sister, Hana, cried to Jahala to get the same treatment and Jahala in her loyalty gave in. In her pleasure Hana noticed the leftovers of the gift to Maheka and stole it for herself, thus creating two child moons Fena and Loge. When Maheka noticed the theft she complained to Jahala, demanding a second moon herself. But Jahala denied, offering to shred the moon Fena and give one part to both. Hana was shocked and offered Fena to Maheka to spare her and thus Jahala thought the event to be solved. But Maheka denied, still claiming Fena to become shreds. Again Jahala denied and left the moon lady Fena to grow by her real mothers side, dooming the friendship of the twin sisters. In time Maheka adored her child and kept it close, turning dark with fury and spite, while Hana still pure and carefree let her children walk free. Once a year when the carefree children get close, Kehoi resides on his mothers leap, growing darker himself. Not in spite of the other moons, but his mother keeping him away. Both biting their time, ever growing darker...

Note: I did get it by default. I did not mess with the starting system!

Federation center for educational support and character development - Oktharo


After the second republic war, lead by Hilkaan against Turek, the shattered forces found themselves wounded and many military personal of expertise lost. Now more pirates started creeping the galaxy and ultimately overwhelmed some of the leftover stations in the deep dark consisting of damaged or weak garrisons, going as far as taking the gasextraction facility of Koala from Turek itself. Though Juned was easily defended against these marauders by the appeased leftover fleets and some trade routes for needed ressources of reconstuction could be secured, the hyperdrive project, which instigated the republic and its war, came to a hold as the outer rim of Jahala became a dangerous territory. Leading the defense circle of Banjena, the six major powers left after the war, Turek, Hilkaan, Heleg, Jimgard, Garland and Merned, founded a new station. Being a joint effort every side contributed a part of their specialized technology or other invaluable parts in exchange for product rights, consisting of goods and people.
The founded station was equipped by high velocity plasma guns of turek and their highly efficient ship yard as a training facility. Jimgard offered the shield generator and his decoding techniques, conducting a small research center for training within. Heleg and Merned offered the funding and maintenance personel, although specialized topics still lied in the hands of secrecy and their nations. Hilkaan funded as well, but offered their quite admirable fleet as permanent protection, relieving Turek of this deed to regain control of their deep dark stations. It was Garland, contributing nothing at all, that took the lead of the facility reporting back to every founder and balancing their decisions of recruitment and advance. This did not bode well with the betrayed Turek, still in spite of Garlands war deeds. Hard dealings consisting of stupid symbolic measures including the stations name and some other submissions ultimately made them gave in.

The pirates graveyard - Passerwire


Part of the military defense of Turek, guarding the gasextractor on Koala itself, the starbase and the ground compartment of Hekelaio were founded twentyseven years prior to the first republic war. In spite of beeing a major target in both wars to disrupt the supply of Turek and capture it themselves, only a small fleet ever managed to pass by, igniting an outer layer of Koala and dooming part of the defense fleet in advance on the enemys position. This victory of the Heleg-Alliance disrupted many plans of High Commander Kurthak, though ultimately proved futile as the fires subsided two weeks later. The base later became damaged in the prime assault conducted by Hilkaan after scattering the Turek main fleet by consequently attacking and disengaging several important facilities, dooming it on a sudden focused strike. The destroyed remains were captured and inhabitated by pirates who soon after joined forces with rebels against the new Trade Federation and overwhelmed the defense on Koala, dooming the Federation fleet to rely on smaller sources and clenching their sphere of operation.
Following the Pirate Wars the station on Koala was modernized and refitted by Zumgard and made public to military and star traders. As for the recaptured base of Hekelaio, Garland decided to rebuild it, deeming it the new galactic prison Passerwire. Since the first captives were pirates and no one ever left this place as every star convoi was heavily guarded and the planet a deadly rock, it became the pirates and rebels graveyard. Around it a small orbital spacestation revolves sending messages into the hyperspace, expecting an answer of will and on the ground, known as a lawless zone out of Trade Federation rights, Turek often uses the far streetches concluding their inofficial executions.

Banjena defense squad - Mathuwry

Build prior to the Pirate Wars, Mathuwry was meant to quickly counter intrusions of the Juned territory by small off world fighter squadrons. Sucessfully stopping the raids of the smaller pirate ships between Banjena and Juned by countering their speed with speed of their own, all the while beeing more skilled in shooting and trapping, Garland created another myth for itself. It was known far later, that the expert trappers equipped by Garland material were defected pirates themselves, selling out their old colleagues for a potential career in the new Federation. Still in effect today the Garland advance squad, consisting solely of aggressive troops and quick and agile ships, is known as the "Pirate Squad" and offers schooling and amnesty to many criminals from Passerwire, redeeming themselves by dying for the once hurt Federation.

The Virious-Gerla space port


After the dreadful battle in the skies of Juned, damaging ecology and economy alike, the devastated planet needed a new gate to the skies. The previous spaceports were small and divided by nations, most gone in the wars wake. The symbol of the new port was different, as he should be paid for by all nations of the Trade Federation depending on their annual GNP. Therefore it was modernized several times as the GNP grew throughout the whole Federation.
It consists of a huge construction yard building ships in order of the Federation council meeting and the main research facility lead by Jimgard, but supervised by all nations as to prevent another technology extortion. Wide corridors and plaza for commerce and a huge military troop compartment assure, that Juned will always be defended. Either by the thirty Turek plasma guns in orbit or by loyal Fedration troops in orbital space and on the ground itself all the while beeing guarded by the thickest armor and shields obtainable by money.
Though the name was challenged by some superiors it ultimately took orbit beeing named after the two agents, who thwarted Jimgards republic plans of extortion by publicizing every secret behing the hyperdrive technology, thus opening the stars to everyone. As of today the main plaza consists of a statue of Virious and Gerla, showing the warfaring nations a way to the sky and breaking the leash of Jimgard. It was violated more than once.

Pilgramages resort - Jahala

Founded by Hekana and Woraned and modernized through times, this neutral station found itself occupied more than once in a war for strategic purposes or simply to resupply their own fleets.
Its purpose is to combine the hearts of believers and people of the system by offering a joined resort close to the great mother sun Jahala. Though most of the visitors deny any religious ambitions or interest beyond the great possibilities and comfort, the income for Hekana and Woraned proves well as of today though officially private, thus sharing not one credit for the GNP of the Federation.

Data -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/2/2011 8:28:12 AM)

Wohoo, historians at work

Nedrear -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/2/2011 1:31:54 PM)

Small update and:

To keep the game playable I will not "add" the personal fleets of every nation outside of Federation authority though they might show up on screens of battle. That would strain my income too bad and its not part of the Federations pay check. They only finance important structures like the orbital prison, the Banjena defense or subsidized public projects like the resort of Jahala will be spawned and therefore been accounted for.

Data -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/2/2011 2:05:44 PM)

You're already more than metodical with this, micromanaging would take the fun out of it....some of it, anyway [:)]

Nedrear -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/2/2011 3:18:18 PM)

I am not sure what this should imply...

Do you suggest dooming the game income and RPing it by overspawning ships or do you suggest my idea to keep the Federation troops as the main part leaving out the national fleets as correct?

Bleek -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/2/2011 3:58:00 PM)

Which ship mod are you using, looks nice. :)

Nedrear -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/2/2011 4:15:45 PM)

I combined several ship mods, carefully admitting everything. The theory was: Black and white ships to combine with Kalthaniells Mass Effect war ships. Most of them are still in effect and are his ME designs.

Namely: capitalship, cruiser, destroyer, escort, frigate, passengership, mining station, mediumfrighter, largefrighter, smallfrighter, genericbase and his explorer, though the AAR explorer will be a modified military frigate. It will not be defenseless!

I added:

Kalthaniells; BSG medium and largespaceport, BSG explorationship as colonyship, EVE escort as bomber, Ungrouped02 Picture 57 as fighter, Picture 72 as mining ship, Picture 78 as supply ship

Conflict X: BSG Gasminingship and his gasminingstation as small spaceport

2guncohen: Transcendence resort base and gasmining station, escort as construction ship, frigate as troop transporter

Data -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/2/2011 4:54:16 PM)

The latter, the former would be no fun at all

Nedrear -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/2/2011 5:17:01 PM)

Well then... here you are. Game starting budget.


The nations got their own budget and the Federation is to keep peace between all of them all the while getting rid of human rebels an pirates. That being said the budget is always close to the limit as there is no reason to keep it. There has been no first contact and there is no necessary research project taking priority and funds. Unless the Federation council consisting of the heads of state does not declare otherwise. Right now 25% of the GNP of all states are admitted into the fund.

Data -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/2/2011 8:12:31 PM)

Nicee [&o]

Nedrear -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/4/2011 11:27:18 AM)

Inserted a character sheet.

Data -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/4/2011 1:32:20 PM)

Charisma: OXO?

Nedrear -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/4/2011 1:47:51 PM)

In my Pen and Papers I would give a starting impression on others by rolling a check on your charisma. For example a 60 with a roll of 71 is still not liked by -11. Therefore the current starting relatonship would be -11.

In case of the High Commander a charisma roll is not necessary as his trait replaces it. He got a skill unlike the bonus for economy +5. His charisma is maxed out and therefore offers bonus abilities like swaying others against their beliefs by first contact.

Data -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/4/2011 3:36:42 PM)

I want you to roleplay my games. Do you give classes on this? [:)]

Nedrear -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/4/2011 3:47:07 PM)

I am not sure if you can teach someone to be a DM. Shouldn't every DM get his own style of leading a party into a quest? Sure you can get inspired by other game masters and take some system parts for youself ... but teaching?

Well if you got a question I will try to find a solution.

Data -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/5/2011 9:57:03 AM)

Assimilating......the AAR is schooling enugh for now.

Nedrear -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/5/2011 2:18:02 PM)

I'll focus on the next story part today, but dedicated readers can ask for special details considering places or people. I can add information on demand instead of random.

Brainsucker -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/6/2011 3:32:23 PM)

This is cool!!!!

Data -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/7/2011 8:04:27 AM)

Definitly second that [:)]

Kalthaniell -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/17/2011 3:10:30 PM)

It makes me so proud to see that ships in your AAR xD

Data -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/17/2011 3:18:29 PM)

Only in this AAR? They're all over the place [:)]

Kalthaniell -> RE: [Galactopedia]Juned Trade Federation (11/17/2011 3:26:53 PM)

Srsly? I better start checking the threads out :]

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