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start_the_purple -> Disappearing Micks (10/30/2011 2:09:55 PM)

Playing LSA 5.60.51b - during the 'Island' campaign, the Irish Guards simply disappeared![&:] Doesn't seem to be any reason for this, they'd fought a couple of winning engagements. Now the only armoured presence on the Allied side is the Welsh Guards group. No harm to the Trogs, but their Cromwells aren't going to get very far!

RD Oddball -> RE: Disappearing Micks (10/31/2011 12:16:18 PM)

There is a more current build available through your downloads section that addressed the issue you're describing. If you still see the issue under that newer build please report it to us. Thanks.

start_the_purple -> RE: Disappearing Micks (10/31/2011 9:24:14 PM)

Thanks Oddball, problem looks sorted now, the Micks are still around and making good progress [;)]

Been playing CC in all its forms since the beginning, but this one is simply fantastic!

RD Oddball -> RE: Disappearing Micks (11/14/2011 12:13:27 PM)

Good deal. Glad you're enjoying it!

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