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LoneWulf63 -> Just a suggestion.......... (10/26/2011 12:04:11 PM)

To the designers. First off I want to applaud you on the great work you have done with PCO. I was looking at the instructions for the map-maker and I have to say that I am as impressed with it as I am the actual game. Again, I applaud you for the great work you have done.

Now I am not playing (actually tinkering at the moment) PCO exclusively. I have downloaded the new Combat Mission: Battle for Normanday demo from Battlefront Games and it is also a great simulation of WWII tactical situations. One aspect of their map-maker program is that you can add some cool looking propoganda posters to the walls of the buildings. I guess if one was a good enough artist, the same could be done in the PCO-MM program. You can also add different styles of doors and windows to the buildings. Again, I would imagine the same could be done if one were a good artist (I'm not one of those). For those of us that aren't artists by any stretch of the imagination, would it be possible to add a feature like this in a future update or patch for the game. Maybe come out with an expansion disk or add-on that for registered users that had nothing but new terrian features. Just wondering. Chris.

LoneWulf63 -> RE: Just a suggestion.......... (10/26/2011 12:28:26 PM)

Again, I need to proof-read my posts before posting them. Did I say 1st grader, more like a Pre-School toddler as far as my grammer and sentence structure goes.[;)]

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