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That night, there is no Steve Jobs, but I still hold the iPad iFanr watch live the iPhone release.iPhone4 GS is a product without stunning, and iCook does lack some charisma, iPPT there are too many iEnemy, rather than the Apple product itself, but really did not need to demonstrate innovative iCloud also looking forward to the magic. Without Steve Jobs, it may never be magical. iLeave, this may be the lasbunch of Steve Jobs left Apple's colorful fireworks.Admire people like Steve Jobs, but also live in fear. As Nietzsche, Weber's in German philosophy, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo of the Renaissance, Jefferson, Roosevelt's politics in the United States, Jobs, Buffett is a combination of industry and capital of the capitalist spirit of enterprise truly representative, they stand in a certain period in history, a field of giants, in a short period of life, creating a style of Carl Gauss elusive peak, and it has changed the established path of human development.


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Of course, the world will always have a new legend, but the frequency of this legend must appear less and less, to keep getting shorter, the giant era coming to an end, eventually the next generation, or will the next generation of people who the myth of equanimity, be taken lightly, even scoff - as people today talk about Edison, Tesla, Carnegie.

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