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sweeteye -> Wingen Days 2 and 3 (10/20/2011 9:32:44 AM)

Finished making up the first scenario on the Wingen-sur-Moder II map.I am planning on making a few different scenarios on the map,two of two day lengths and one of six day length.The actual battle was seven days in length but my map does not cover a large enough area to include the first days operations.The first day was mainly a German advance which was held up for some time by one lone U.S. brigade...Task Force Hudleson.This first scenario covers the actions near Wingen-sur-Moder on days two and three of the operation.The first day is very short...starting at 1530 hours.I have tried to make this scenario as historical as possible in regards to unit effectiveness.Basically I just carried over the stock values from the bulge scenarios.The scenario is derived from maps from the book Seven Days in January.

Playing as the Germans...
Jan 2nd 1530 hours...decided to make my initial advances based upon the historical movements.The bulk of the 257 VG and the 361 VG will begin arriving at 1630 hours.The 12 SS regiment of the 6th SS mountain division starts out with all units on the map.Being that the first day is so short the time is taken up primarily on movement to get into position to attack.

I did not give the orders correctly to the 12 SS causing some of the units to take the wrong route.This mistake cost me heavily in time and affected the outcome of the game.

Jan. 3rd 0250 hours...257 VG in position to attack to the north and the 361 VG in the south. The 12 SS is held up prematurly by U.S. forces due to my mistake in movement orders.

Jan 3rd 0617 hours....257 VG begins attack on Goetzenbruck.

Jan 3rd 0714 hours....361 VG begins attacks on Saegmuhle and Wildengut. 12 SS attempts to move toward the Kohlhutte area.

Jan 3rd 1224 arrows shows my anticipated movements.

Jan 3rd 2030 hours....In the south the 361 VG attacks are bogged down from U.S. artillery bombardment. The 12 SS movements are stalled out as well.

Jan 3rd 2301 hours....Final positions



Lieste -> RE: Wingen Days 2 and 3 (10/20/2011 1:29:35 PM)

Hmm, is there an alternative valid, motorised route for 12 PGR? Steep slopes, wooded terrain and trucks don't mix well. It looks as if the infantry went the ordered route, but the motorised supports had no choice but to follow the roads through the enemy position.

Is it that you have too-solid woods? or are you missing tactically important logging trails etc that were used by the real units in this area?

sweeteye -> RE: Wingen Days 2 and 3 (10/20/2011 1:54:40 PM)

Good points Lieste.....I double checked the maps and it shows no type of road used by the 12th SS.....seems to have been a cross country infiltration route.The roads are slightly different on the maps and the maps are somewhat distorted....Having motorized units in the 6th SS mountain division may be a mistake on my part...Another problem is the estab used has no mountain units.....May have to try and create an estab....would take a little research.....Going to double check and see if the motorized units will move cross country...I believe I just gave the wrong route order....fastest,quickest, shortest,safest...

sweeteye -> RE: Wingen Days 2 and 3 (10/20/2011 2:12:49 PM)

Running a test right now and the units with non AFV vehicles seem to be moving cross country although slowly.....Also probably do not need the 6th SS div HQ and base to be included in the OOB...seems there would almost have to be some vehicles in the 12th SS....The non AFVs are definitely moving cross country.....I think I should have just ordered them to move a short distance at a time and used shortest route....

wodin -> RE: Wingen Days 2 and 3 (10/20/2011 6:05:27 PM)

Sweeteye what do you think of the book?

sweeteye -> RE: Wingen Days 2 and 3 (10/20/2011 6:31:27 PM)

Hi Wodin.....Excellent book....I am glad you suggested it,I do not think I could have done this updated scenario without it as well as the next two scenarios.I still have a lot of reading to do as I have just been browsing through parts here and there to gather information.It does not seem to have a highly detailed OOB as I hoped it would but it does seem to have the most important information needed.Mainly I just need the artillery type unit designations for the German VG divisions as well as the American artillery..Also I believe I am going to make some of the objectives in the six day scenario activate at different times as you have suggested.This scenario I just tested was a lot of fun to play,in fact I believe it is my favorite one I have made so far.The six day scenario should be good!With the patch coming out soon I might as well wait to post the scenarios until shortly afterwards.

Tophat1812 -> RE: Wingen Days 2 and 3 (2/24/2012 7:05:46 AM)

Whats the book title wodin is referring to?

sweeteye -> RE: Wingen Days 2 and 3 (2/24/2012 2:11:07 PM)

Seven Days in January
With the 6th SS Mountain Division in Operation Nordwind
by Wolf T. Zoepf

Excellent book....Have been referring to it a lot....

sweeteye -> RE: Wingen Days 2 and 3 (3/30/2012 12:28:52 AM)


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