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As a Newbie playing my first Campaign I should like to ask a number of questions. I wish to say that this is not an attack on the game or any individual. Merely questions from my own ignorance.
The campaign is historical, with all the restrictions of the Dyle Plan, so far so good.
(1) The French 2nd Army 18th/10th Corps plus 2nd Army res advanced into Belgium and sent units as far as Bastogne etc. It also defended Neufchateau, and it's main line ran two hexs behind that, and also had units from French 9th Army in the line, which ran to the coast.
(2)by the time that fighting was taking place at Sedan/Dinant/Montherme every French tank was in the line at Dinant(300tanks) Montherme(200 tanks) Sedan(300 Tanks)
(3)I find it hard to justify the French 2nd Army advancing over 50 miles into Belgium. A few hexes maybe as some form of picket line?
(4)The allocation of all of 1st Army Group armoured reserves on day one or two to those areas alone is frankly outrageous. Based on what?
(5) Can there not be some form of amendments to the Dyle Plan Rules to prevent Allied units using historical knowledge to gain advantage?
Kind Regards

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