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viberpol -> Dead end for Type 95 Ha-Go? (scen 2) (10/7/2011 5:39:59 PM)

Looking into the database the Japanese device no. 778 Type 95 light tank has no upgrades.
A typo or WAD?

Shouldn't the path look like 778 --> 779 --> 780??

As it is now -- the most numerous Japanese tank -- is a dead end for the Japanese while IRL IMHO the production ended in '43 and it started to be exchanged with Type 98.
My Tracker says the Type 98 will not be produced, never, ever, (pool 0, active 0) because no tank upgrades into it.
Funny thing, the Type 98 (779) has an upgrade defined (dev. no. 780 Type 2 light tank).
I am not an expert and please do not kill me for using Wiki, but it says:

The Type 98 light tank Ke-Ni (九八式軽戦車 ケニ Kyuhachi-shiki keisensha Ke-Ni?) (also known as Type 98 Chi-Ni[1]) was designed to replace the Imperial Japanese Army's Type 95 Ha-Go light tank, Japan's most numerous armored fighting vehicle during World War II.

Btw. isn't there a typo of the antisoft value of Type 2 light tank (780): 4?
Shouldn't it be 14 like its predecessor? Now it's 4... two times smaller than a halftrack. [;)] The Type 2 light tank had actually (almost) the same armament as Type 98 which has "14"


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