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dfoehammer -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (1/18/2013 9:01:08 PM)

Well, I had a complete system failure that took a while for me to gather the funds to repair. Fortunately, I did not lose my work, but I did get sidetracked again with work and other projects. Alas, sometimes things just don't work out the way we plan them, and I guess when I posted soon I really underestimated the amount of time & work necessary. I guess because i had so much done in the way of artwork already, I expected the rest to go much more quickly, but it is likewise time consuming. If I was egttign paid to make it, I am sure it would have been released ages ago, but since it is free, and it is my own time involved, because I enjoy it, it will be done when it will be done. I suppose I could release everythign I have in the way of artwork and maps etc, if someone else thinks they have the time and know how to put together campaigns for it. Otherwise, you will all just have to check back periodically to see if I have gotten it finished. I am workign on a couple of othe rprojects for games I enjoy besides this one, and I shuffle back and forth between them when I get "burned out" on one. So I will be back on this one again in a couple of weeks I am sure, and I will keep plugging away at it. So far I have th eocmplete German navy (every ship that participated in WWII) including all destroyer classes, submarines, and obviously additional carriers (that were never actually finished). I also have all German aircraft completed, from stukas to 190's, 109's Me262, flying wing, condors, He111, everything ever made by the German Luftwaffe (and some obviously "what if" type naval aircraft (based on the real world luftwaffe counterparts) the "what if" can go right from the beginning, to the very end of the war (with jet fighters even). I have also added most of the Italian navy ships, and many of the Italian Aircraft, from bombers to macci fighters (early war to later war Mc205). Most of the work I have to do now is build good scenarios, and I imagine once I get into it for a week or two, it should go much more swiftly). I do have a couple maps yet I would liek to make, but they are not really that time consuming (a few days for a quality map seems about right...given that my "days" are really just a couple of hours usually....3 kids, a wife, a business, and work around the house, keeps my "days" full and somewhat limited.)

dfoehammer -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (1/18/2013 9:06:30 PM)

I guess I should add also that I have added the entire british navy as well (lots of individual artwork for the ships)...all of the carriers , and most of the aircraft as wlel..hurricanes..spits....seafires....wellington bombers, etc etc., and many new american aircraft additions.

Skeptics and hecklers feel free to attack. Hell, for all I know I could die before it gets finished LOL :) I am not givign up on it though :)

RayWolfe -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (1/21/2013 1:29:08 PM)

You will be aware that many war-gamers are people who lack interpersonal skills. Ignore them.
If you do finish your work, they will then shower you with praise.
Spoilt kids, or what! [;)]

JohnTargus -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (2/17/2013 8:07:58 PM)

Yes, yes you could... kind'a reminds me of WIF... two decades and still not even close to a release...

brucemcl777 -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (4/13/2013 6:15:39 PM)

Skeptics and hecklers feel free to attack. Hell, for all I know I could die before it gets finished LOL :) I am not givign up on it though :)

Personally I feel we deserve a full refund of what we haven't paid you![&:]

Will keep checking back with you Scott.

JohnTargus -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (7/21/2013 11:13:36 AM)

Like I said folks, a lot of promises but no show. Good to want to improve the game, bad not following though with what is promised. Sure, no pay might mean no obligation, but if you say you are going to deliver, please do. Teasing and baiting is just so wrong.[:(]

RayWolfe -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (7/25/2013 3:54:01 PM)

Gosh! What a spoilt child you must be.
The guy is doing this project for love and for free.
Perhaps you could make a better job of developing a scenario?

Admiral Stricker -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (7/26/2013 2:31:05 PM)

Keep up the good work, this mod is gonna be awesome [:'(]

dfoehammer -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (8/22/2013 3:55:32 PM)

Just letting you know I am still alive LOL. I have made some more progress, but it has been slow. My business has been consuming a lot of my time these past months, but I am hoping to make some good progress over the next week or two, and perhaps I can get you all a release soon, even it doesn't have as many scenarios as I had originally wanted to do. Keep checking in.

SapperAstro_MatrixForum -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (8/26/2013 5:08:28 PM)

Thanks for carrying on. I very much look forward to trying your finished product.

Lets face it, you will probably be finished well before the 'official' version of complete carriers at war turns up ;)

dfoehammer -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (8/26/2013 6:54:30 PM)

LOL YOur probably right about that :) I have made some good progress the past few days. The first campaign will be the invasion of Norway. Some good naval action there, with the addition of the "what if" graf zepplin and German carrier fleet, it should prove to be interesting. I am also doing a graf zepplin campaign for IL2 1946, so the work ties together nicely for scenario development and ideas. The most time consuming stuff, I think, is doing all the research to get the accurate stats in for each type of ship (and i have added a bunch of ships). Artwork is time consuming as well, but I find the stats and research the most tedious. I had to make a couple new ships over the weekend (and improved on some of the artwork of some british ships from the old megamod). So we have a nice new Renown Battlecruiser now. I should have a scenario to offer up in another week or two (I hope). Actually, I will probably release two technically...since i artworked the cape matapan scenario, and it now has artwork for all the ships and planes that it needed when it was first released but never had(I made a nice mediterranian map as well). I am planning to go ahead and release more as I get them done, that way people can play them (they have been waiting far too long), and perhaps some people can tweak them to make them better, and I will release updates and improvements as I can.

SapperAstro_MatrixForum -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (8/27/2013 1:58:50 PM)

'What ifs' are usually my favourite scenarios.

For example, I used to love the 'what if' variants from Carriers at War 2 back in the day. Instead of Force Z going to hell under the bombs of the IJA betties, it became much more of a contest with the British having a carrier or two floating around with the Prince of Wales and Repulse rather than just having a couple of capital ships to pound. Though I must admit, trying to second guess the cloud front and sneak my way up the Malay peninsular (as Force Z) without getting hammered was fun and tense.

Thanks again for putting in the effort to make this product a better one for all of us players.

Kiwi Red One -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (9/1/2013 9:52:46 AM)

Evening dfoehammer

I still have CAW on my hard drive and would love to see your work for some new challenges.

I developed a couple of my own scenarios for CCAW as well as CAW 2007 so I know how much effort goes into them, especially if you are doing new graphics. Look forward to the new scenarios when you have them available.


dfoehammer -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (9/9/2013 6:30:02 PM)

I am working on the war room cards for the Norway scenario..just a few more days, and I will finally release the first scenario! whew! What a huge undertaking this has been :)

dfoehammer -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (9/12/2013 6:35:48 PM)

Just another quick update. I have the warrom about 50% done now. It is a rather complex series of warcards, since we have the Germans invading three different points in Norway, and the allies likewise invading (or attempting to invade) into Norway to counter them... there is over 30 german subs in the region (as there was historically), and 20 british. So I have had to make multiple task forces and invasion forces for both sides, and all the land base cards for the land bases in Germany, Norway, and Britain. So it is a rather complex scenario to do, but the good news that I am figuring it all out, and once I am done with this shoudl be pretty quick and easy to whip up some more scenarios, as this one has been complex :) Am hoping to finally get to run a couple play through tests this weekend, and hopefully it plays out well, and the scoring system serves properly. Lots of factors to consider in such a complicated scenario with so many TGs and aspects in play. I am getting excited ot get it finished. Hopefully some of the die hard community will use the assets I have made and whip us out some additional what if scenarios :)

dfoehammer -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (9/18/2013 6:05:50 PM)

Well, I didn't get it wrapped up this weekend, too much on my plate, plus the war-room cards became buggy for some unknown reason, and I had to redo the cards last night. It is getting close though, and I did get a bit of testing on the scenario late last night :) I have to tweak a few things yet, so it is probably looking at next weekend. Getting close ! :)

dfoehammer -> RE: Massive MOD soon to be released (9/23/2013 6:14:45 PM)

Ok..started a new thread. I am going to make a new thread for each additional scenario I will release :) The first one is Operation Norway, which I will be uploading for your gaming enjoyment in the next day or two (when I get a chance to gather up the files. I strongly suggest you make a duplicate install of your CAW folder, because this mod is going to change the way the game looks entirely for eastern theater operations. So I would make a complete new second install for eastern theater operations, that way you can play in either/both theaters. If you just install my MOD in your original, you are going to lose most of the elements of the Japanese graphics. I run two installs on my own machine. One for each theater.

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