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BK6583 -> For Treefrog (9/17/2011 1:19:47 AM)

Still out there? As the Union player Kentucky is driving me nuts. What to do? Against AI, which doesn't seem inclined to invade Kentucky I wait until September myself to invade. Problem is no matter what I try I can't get to Bowling Green, Glascow or Lebanon on the first turn. Confederate AI immediately moves there during its turn. Takes me several turns to fight them out. Now once that's done, Kentucky stays NEUTRAL. Even after taking the whole state, it still remains NEUTRAL. What am I missing here? I was doing pretty good in the early turns following all of your game advice, but this has me stymied.

Treefrog -> RE: For Treefrog (9/18/2011 7:15:32 PM)

See private email.

BK6583 -> RE: For Treefrog (9/19/2011 10:47:05 PM)

What email address did you Use? Haven't seen anything on my email or at work.

Treefrog -> RE: For Treefrog (2/3/2012 5:19:36 PM)

sorry the pemail didn't go through.
in the original version of the game Kentucky could be blitzed by whoever invaded; it was such a problem that there was a gentleman's agreement between early players that the blitz would not occur.

the problem was fixed in an early patch.

the simple answer is that whoever invades cannot overrun so the usa can't get to Bowling Green and the CSA can't get to the Ohio River crossings, Count your blessings that the only crossing you need to defend is at Cairo.

as I recall, once either player takes all the population centers they control the state, although if it decided to remain neutral, regardless of who invaded, then it remains neutral.

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