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gradenko_2000 -> Sorties remaining? (9/15/2011 2:08:08 AM)

How can I check for the number of sorties that my carriers can still fly? I checked the TF screen, Ship Detail screen and the manual and I can't seem to find it, and I doubt this game would just let you fly planes until the carriers run out of endurance.

tocaff -> RE: Sorties remaining? (9/15/2011 12:46:25 PM)

It's been quite some time since I last played UV, but I can't remember the # of sorties being limited by anything other than ops points available per turn and being in a coastal hex which limits ops to 50% of normal.  The only other limitation is fuel and that doesn't do anything to flying the planes.

Mundy -> RE: Sorties remaining? (9/15/2011 1:10:06 PM)

You can fly indefinitely in UV. On the other side of the coin, fatigue racks up very quickly, so you're not exactly flying day after day.

No pesky HQs needed for torps, too.


gradenko_2000 -> RE: Sorties remaining? (9/15/2011 1:17:22 PM)

Well, that would certainly explain it! Thanks guys. I just got this little gem last night and played through to Marginal Allied Victories on the first two scenarios. Between that and the lack of planning, I'm actually liking it quite a lot.

One thing I'm not so clear on are the air-to-air mechanics though. It seems like the game doesn't model dives just yet, so setting my Wildcats to their max altitude isn't making all that much of a difference, and with the exception of fighters on both sides shooting down each others dive/torpedo bombers, fighter-to-fighter combat isn't yielding a lot of casualties.

Mundy -> RE: Sorties remaining? (9/15/2011 2:11:49 PM)

I've had a pbem going with my brother for a year now. No fleet carriers from either side in theatre now.

A thing to be careful of is where your troops can march.

As the Japanese, I attempted an invasion of Luganville. I was unable to suppress the aircraft there and the transports took a terrible beating. To save the troops, I landed them at the northern part of the island opposite of Luganville. To my dismay, I found I wasn't allowed to march overland to that base. I think there's no marching from Rabaul to Gasmata, too.

It became the largest bombing range in the Pacific. Even Wirraways were being shipped over to partake in the fun. Now I'm dealing with nighttime Schweinfort-style air raids on Rabaul and Shortlands.[:(]

We're up to March '43. The worm has definitely turned now. I went easy on him at the beginning so I wouldn't discourage him. That bit me in the rear. I should have grabbed Moresby at the start.


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