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gunhojr -> modding campaigns (9/13/2011 1:27:27 AM)

hello sorry if this is a double post i havent seen anything on this subject.hope someone can plz help i wanted to see if there was a easy way to change campaign units lets say in west front france campaign if i wanted to add tiger tanks to campaign what is the easiest way.if someone can give me a noob step by step way to do this in editor plz plz help if someone can and wants to be paid for helping i can give some money thru paypal if anyone wants to help thanks

Jason Petho -> RE: modding campaigns (9/13/2011 2:37:32 PM)

There is a document in the Manuals folder of the installation that will explain everything you would want to know about Dynamic Campaigns.

Jason Petho

Borst50 -> RE: modding campaigns (9/26/2011 3:53:37 PM)

to alter the oobs without using the editor is better, but it is a long process. I wouldnt attempt it until you have a better understanding of the structure of the oobs. If you do alter any files, please remember to backup ALL files first, in case you make a mistake.

you will probably want to use arkady's unit viewer to help you construct your new oob. thats can be found in your TOOLS folder.

go into your main game om west front. you will see many files battalion 01...thats for the germans. study it. you will see other folders like company, regiment, corp, etc. all files that end in 01 are for germany.

you will see something like this:

44 06 45 05 B01XXXXX 6 (Unit type)
44 06 45 05 P01XXX HQ unit
44 06 45 05 P01XXX (Leader unit if any)
44 06 45 05 C01XXXXXX (Company of tanks)

the first 4 numbers are year and this case june 44....the second 4 numbers are same....may 45...this is the start date and end date for this unit. you cannot use this unit before june 44, or after may 45.

B01XXXXXXX is the unit desigination. B is for battalion, 01 is country code for germany, and the rest for different types of units. the 6 is the starting morale of the unit.

once you have changed those...then open up campaign 01 file. you will see corp and army level formations that the computer uses for the campaign games. scrool down until you see an entry for heavy tanks (tigers) delete that entry and add your own. Do this for all entries.

That should give you tigers for your campaign games. I have only given you a brief "how to". experiment and have fun. remember to back up all files first.

good luck

gunhojr -> RE: modding campaigns (10/3/2011 9:04:21 AM)

thank you borst50 this helps

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