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Strategiusz -> Peoples, special units, balance... (9/8/2011 9:05:53 PM)

Disclaimer: I'm a noob, I have not played much. I just like theoretical considerations. ;)

In my opinion they are rather weak.
You must buy required research, to be able to produce them. You have to buy upgrades (more speed and supply capacity) to make them useful for their job (to be pesky behind enemy lines). On small maps you better imagine that you're playing Neutrals. ;)

Fortifications, stupid!
I believe that this faction is one of the best. Especially the cheaper fortifications look very attractive.

They are solid faction.
They don't require research. Their best feature is not the better experience, not a morale, but Entrench Power (80 instead of 40).

No revelations.
Yeah, they are cheap, but same supply consumption, stacking, power points (staff) as Rifle. You can save a few production points but no revelations. They don't require research (fortunately).

I guess they can be quite good.
V Rockets
They need to be researched. Use only against a strong anti-air defense. They are much less efficient than strategic bombers, but I guess they can be quite useful in certain situations.
Super Heavy Tanks
Available late in the game, so to speak. Probably very little useful.

Dependent on water.
Morale bonus
I think that morale is not so important in battles.
They can be useful, but no water - no kamikaze - no bonus for faction.

Russia (former Soviet Union;))
Need good tactics (like Arabs).
Similarly to German V-Rockets but used as artillery against troops. If you need a breakthrough and you don't count the costs, this is your answer. The researches are not expensive.
And, OMG, they run without fuel! Is it a bug?

Josh -> RE: Peoples, special units, balance... (9/9/2011 3:50:56 PM)

About the French fortifications... I rarely use them. Victory lies in the offense not in the defense, so by the time you might need a fort, I instead pull back a few hexes, and hit somewhere else.

Rangers have a higher entrench power? Cool thanks, never noticed that!

German V rockets rule IMHO, sometimes you encounter a heavily defended city, bombing it would cost lots of planes... sooo instead you focus completely on producing V rockets, let them gain max exp. (alass a lousy 40 Exp) and blammo, nothing can stop them. 

phatkarp -> RE: Peoples, special units, balance... (9/21/2011 7:22:40 PM)

I've used those cheap fortifications many times.  They are obviously "situational".  They are useful when you are in a pinch and need a short-term boost to the entrenchment of an infantry/gun division that is sitting on the plains.  They are not the best for a real chokepoint, however, as they can be pretty easily destroyed. 

I think the most interesting special unit is the Arab guerilla.  They carry 3-4 turns worth of supplies, so they can operate independently for quite a while, especially if you can occasionally resupply them by air. They can be a real pain in the a$$. 

Rangers are nice, but I usually just go with rifles. 

I've never used the other special units.

Strategiusz -> RE: Peoples, special units, balance... (10/3/2011 8:32:21 PM)

Better range then other planes! This makes them useful. Especially when they are the only units which can quickly reach some hot spots (for example a few destroyers are blocking your port or you detect an enemy cargo with full of troops).
They can't do recon mission XD. Or even they can, but they just die and don't explore the fog.

Strategiusz -> RE: Peoples, special units, balance... (10/5/2011 4:10:16 PM)

From 2.09 changelog:
Rangers entrench from 80 down to 60
Katushya's now use fuel like trucks

Vic -> RE: Peoples, special units, balance... (10/6/2011 2:58:43 PM)

yes i do read your postings! :)

Iron Knight -> RE: Peoples, special units, balance... (10/11/2011 3:54:17 AM)

So why did rangers get nerfed a bit?

82ndtrooper -> RE: Peoples, special units, balance... (10/28/2011 12:49:48 AM)



yes i do read your postings! :)

owned by Vic !!

Iron Knight -> RE: Peoples, special units, balance... (10/28/2011 6:12:04 AM)

Man I feel so left out... [;)]

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