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Valgua -> Possible buyer (8/24/2011 11:36:37 AM)

How good is now CEAW after ther GS 2.0 patch? Consider that I am at playing mainly against the AI. Thanks!

colberki -> RE: Possible buyer (9/3/2011 11:11:11 PM)

Its a much better game than the original relese back in 2007(?). Worth to buy the game (again) if you did not get it back then or cant find your own purchase anymore.

freeboy -> RE: Possible buyer (10/22/2011 9:33:48 PM)

fyi if u buy the game fromSlitherine and it automaticlly updates to the newest product... now wht like five verients? lol

Rasputitsa -> RE: Possible buyer (10/24/2011 5:40:16 AM)

The GS 2.0 mod has been mainly produced for PBEM, but even with AI only play, it much improves the original game. The main advantage for me is the endless what-if options of how the strategy can be played and control over production and quality of units, within the restraints of your economy. The game is not perfect, which games are, but it gives a wide range of possibilities in an easy to use system.[:)]

laramieela -> RE: Possible buyer (10/31/2011 2:54:17 AM)

If you want a fun, with realistic play, game. This is it.
The updates make this a game for players.

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