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inqistor -> WITPloadAE "hidden" values (8/20/2011 9:28:09 AM)

WITPloadAE makes also additional file, with listed "hidden" values, for several fields:

city port radar site AA unit headquarters primary airfield secondary airfield infantry unit armored unit artillery unit engineer unit coastal defense unit task force industry resource

AA Regiment AA Battalion AA Division AAA Auto-weapons Battalion AA Machinecannon Company Field AA Battalion Coast AA Regiment

Detachment Brigade Mixed Brigade Brigade Division Army Group Corps Fleet

Division Brigade Regimental Combat Team Regiment Battalion SNLF Cavalry Division Corps Naval Garrison Unit

Division Brigade Regiment Battalion Corps Mechanized Corps Tank Destroyer Battalion Tank Destroyer Company

Now, is there difference in code, when setting LCU, base etc. to different values? For example, if I will set LCU as SNLF, does it get bonus during invasion? If I set LCU as Cavalry Division, will it use different movement costs? What does "radar site" does? Is there somewhere description of all those parameters?

wdolson -> RE: WITPloadAE "hidden" values (8/20/2011 11:21:09 PM)

I know the different unit types get different icons.  A lot of the differences are eye candy and make no difference in actual game play.

Radar sites are something that I think the original designers added during development, but didn't use in the end.  The designation still exists, but there is nothing in game that uses them.  I think there are a couple of other orphan unit types too.  I forget which now.


JWE -> RE: WITPloadAE "hidden" values (8/21/2011 8:36:07 PM)


ORIGINAL: inqistor
WITPloadAE makes also additional file, with listed "hidden" values, for several fields:

Golly. "Hidden". and in WitploadAE, to boot. Well, learn something everyday.

These are ordinary selections from the editor program that people have known about and have been using since the game was introduced. You must have missed that memo.

Don't know why you are wasting your time whining about WITPloadAE, the editor is perfectly clear. Just go to Locations and select Type. Under each Type look at all the lovely Suffixes. Btw, you missed about 20 in your list.
Dude, I think you have lost it. If you can't even grasp simple concepts from the editor manual, and understand stuff that everybody in the world knows the answer to, what in the Wide, Wide, World of Sports are you thinking?

I really think you need to spend several months exploring what you get and how it works, before posting nonesense like this.

inqistor -> RE: WITPloadAE "hidden" values (8/21/2011 10:00:42 PM)


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