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Feinder -> Looking for Japanese opponent - Guadalcanal. (closed) (8/15/2011 6:45:58 PM)

I had kind of stepped away from AE for a little bit, and am looking to put on my Admiral's epaulettes again.
Looking for PBEM opponent for Guad scenario (#4), me Allies.

I have what I believe is the latest version -

Frankly, I have a lot of PBEM experience in WitP Classic, and almost zero in AE.
I started exactly one PBEM game in AE (Scen #4), and my opponent had to drop after only about 2 weeks of play.
But that pretty much sums up my PBEM experience in AE. Frankly, I'm going to have to have my manaul out to refresh myself on what ship types load what again.

Either experienced or new opponent is fine, naturally I'd just prefer that we stay with it for a little more than 2 weeks this time... [;)]

And for the record, I have never seen the Japanese OB for Scen #4. Whatever you have on Japan's side, will be a surprise for me.

I play "a gentleman's game" - if you think it might be gamey, it probably is, so don't do it. Frankly, I haven't played AE enough to really know what's broken or considered gamey, so feel free to let me know whatever you take issue with, and we'll work it out (or certainly let me any I might need to know at start).

If you're an exerienced player responding to this, you can probably look forward smashing my head a few times.
If you're a less experienced AE player, we'll figure this monster out together.

Oh, the usual options - Allied damage control, and crappy US torpedos. I dont' know if Player Defined Upgrades matter at all in this scenario. Frankly, it doesn't matter it matter to me.

I can usually do a turn a day. And I have today off, so I'll look forward to a response!


Opponent received! Closed.


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