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vettim89 -> Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/12/2011 5:06:47 AM)

DavePac88 has gratiously challenged me to a DBB GC - version 8.

House Rules

- restricted units pay PPs to cross national boundaries.
- no strategic bombing within or from China till 1944.
- no non-base invasions.
- No 4E bombers on naval attack below 10,000 ft.
- I get 1 port attack turn 1.
- Allied player turn one can move Chinese ground units and TFs already at sea. Everything else is fixed.
- Fighters max altitude is the band of their second highest MAN rating
- Night bombing only when moonlight is 50% or greater.

First turn is plotted and in the hands of the evil genius running the Japan side.

As to the title, a Toby Keith song about evil doers getting their due


Well a man come on the 6 o'clock news
Said somebody's been shot, somebody's been abused
Somebody blew up a building
Somebody stole a car
Somebody got away
Somebody didn't get too far yeah
They didn't get too far

Grandpappy told my pappy, back in my day, son
A man had to answer for the wicked that he done
Take all the rope in Texas
Find a tall oak tree, round up all of them bad boys
Hang them high in the street for all the people to see that

Justice is the one thing you should always find
You got to saddle up your boys
You got to draw a hard line
When the gun smoke settles we'll sing a victory tune
We'll all meet back at the local saloon
We'll raise up our glasses against evil forces
Singing whiskey for my men, beer for my horses

AdmSpruance -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/12/2011 5:59:57 AM)

Good luck Tim! Remember to put on a stout forward defense in China.

Cribtop -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/12/2011 6:17:40 AM)

Love that song. Good luck!

Canoerebel -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/12/2011 12:43:36 PM)

Good to see a brand-spanking new game started by some regulars! Best of luck, Tim.

P.S. As for the "forward defense in China" idea, I'm not sure how to take it. But then, I've never been sure how to take "break a leg" either.

vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/12/2011 2:37:38 PM)


ORIGINAL: Canoerebel

Good to see a brand-spanking new game started by some regulars! Best of luck, Tim.

P.S. As for the "forward defense in China" idea, I'm not sure how to take it. But then, I've never been sure how to take "break a leg" either.

Oh if you only knew. Bill (Admiral Spruance) taught me a few lessons about China in our Three-Day Turn experiment. Yes, Master Bill I am already doing to him what you did to me

vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/12/2011 11:53:35 PM)

Yikes!!! Perhaps one of the single worst 7 Decmber 1941 turns for the Allies I have ever seen. This is based just upon the combat report and replay. Des has not yet sent the turn file. Even considering FOW, this was a bad one

Day started with not one but two Midget Sub attacks at PH. One TT in California and one in Oklahoma . Then the aristrikes:

Japanese aircraft
A6M2 Zero x 73
B5N2 Kate x 117
D3A1 Val x 132

Allied aircraft
no flights

Japanese aircraft losses
B5N2 Kate: 9 damaged
D3A1 Val: 11 damaged
D3A1 Val: 2 destroyed by flak

Allied aircraft losses
PBY-5 Catalina: 119 damaged
PBY-5 Catalina: 10 destroyed on ground
A-20A Havoc: 28 damaged
A-20A Havoc: 1 destroyed on ground
B-17E Fortress: 9 damaged
B-17E Fortress: 1 destroyed on ground
B-17D Fortress: 32 damaged
B-17D Fortress: 1 destroyed on ground
SBD-1 Dauntless: 23 damaged
SBD-1 Dauntless: 2 destroyed on ground
B-18A Bolo: 28 damaged
B-18A Bolo: 4 destroyed on ground
P-40B Warhawk: 46 damaged
P-40B Warhawk: 7 destroyed on ground
C-33: 2 damaged
F4F-3 Wildcat: 2 damaged
F4F-3 Wildcat: 1 destroyed on ground
P-36A Mohawk: 13 damaged
P-36A Mohawk: 3 destroyed on ground
R3D-2: 5 damaged
R3D-2: 1 destroyed on ground
O-47A: 4 damaged
O-47A: 2 destroyed on ground

Allied Ships
BB Tennessee, Bomb hits 3, Torpedo hits 3, on fire, heavy damage
BB Pennsylvania, Bomb hits 2, Torpedo hits 2
BB Oklahoma, Bomb hits 3, Torpedo hits 2, heavy fires, heavy damage
BB Nevada, Bomb hits 6, Torpedo hits 1, on fire, heavy damage
AV Wright, Bomb hits 1, heavy fires
CL Phoenix, Bomb hits 2, on fire
BB California, Bomb hits 2, Torpedo hits 2, on fire
BB West Virginia, Bomb hits 4, Torpedo hits 1, heavy fires, heavy damage
BB Arizona, Bomb hits 2, on fire
DMS Wasmuth, Bomb hits 1, on fire
CL Raleigh, Bomb hits 1, on fire
AD Rigel, Bomb hits 1, on fire
DD Blue, Bomb hits 1, heavy fires
CL St. Louis, Bomb hits 1, heavy fires
BB Maryland, Bomb hits 3, on fire, heavy damage
CL Helena, Bomb hits 1, on fire
DD Henley, Bomb hits 1, on fire


Japanese aircraft
A6M2 Zero x 55
B5N2 Kate x 27

Japanese aircraft losses
B5N2 Kate: 8 damaged
B5N2 Kate: 3 destroyed by flak

Allied Ships
BB California, Torpedo hits 1, heavy damage
BB Arizona, Torpedo hits 2
BB Oklahoma, Torpedo hits 1, on fire, heavy damage
BB West Virginia, Torpedo hits 1, on fire, heavy damage
BB Maryland, Torpedo hits 2, on fire, heavy damage
BB Pennsylvania, Torpedo hits 1, heavy damage
CA New Orleans, Torpedo hits 1

Port hits 3
Port fuel hits 2

So far only DD Blue was reported as sunk

Also CL Boise was caught east of Tarakan, took three TT from two separate attacks and is sunk. This was from mini KB prowling the Celebes Sea. Was hoping I could sneak Boise past at full speed before the IJN could get in position

Only good news is the PI attacks focus on Manila's AB and Iba. So no attacks on Clark Field at all. Two xAKL were intercepted and sunk by IJA surface forces. One off the east coast of Malaya and one in the SCS about due west of Luzon. Landings at Kuala Lampur and Guam. Will be very intersted to see what the situation looks like in reality vs FOW

vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/14/2011 4:27:15 AM)

Well the PH did not play out as bad on paper as it looked in the replay. What's more important is that I have over 140 operational fighters left on Oahu (counting the P-26 group). If DivePac opts for another day at PH, he will be met with more than just a token force.

Intersted to see what my opponent is up to here. The only landings were at Kuala Lampur, Guam, and Singora. No move on any of the PI bases, Wake, or an early move into the DEI. Overall a pretty conservative first turn by Des. The only thing unusual I did was to leave Houston in the Central PI. With Miini-KB prowling to the south, I figured I might as well have her go down fighting vice being sunk while in flight to safer waters.

Looking forward to this game. I think DivePac will pose a good challenge for me. I hope I can do teh same for him


vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/15/2011 11:54:04 PM)

8 December 1941.

* No second day at PH. KB has drifted SW and is now about 120 WNW of Lihue. My CVTF are still running SSE toward the line islands.
* TF are spotted approaching NW Luzon.
*No other obvious invasion TF are yet spotted other than one than arrived at Tarawa.
* Air Battle shifts to Clark Field where I lose a P-40 to no Japanese losses
* Mini-KB is hitting fleeing shipping from the PI but has drifted to the NE. This allows me to move some SCTF a little further north
* Kota Bharu falls (not Kuala Lampur - always had problems with those two)
* Guam falls
* Tarawa falls

I am wondering if perhaps weather socked in KB. Now with two full days of repair having been accomplished, I think it would be odd for Des to strike PH again now. Time will tell


vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/18/2011 2:19:35 AM)

9 December 1941

A VERY busy day indeed.

* USN fleet boats and one S-boat all fire dud torpedoes at the IJN invasion convoy off Vigan.
* AG Gold Star runs afoul of mini-KB twice during the night and withdraws both times. SHe is a flaming wreck but may have consumed a significant amount of min-KB's op points as there were no strikes from that force this turn.
* AM Penguin fleeing Guam runs afoul of a TF with only CL Nagara. The little ship is dinged but breaks clear. She is now between Rabaul and Wolei
* IJN Subs mined the approaches to Palembang. Two small TK are sunk. AMc TF will arrive next turn.
* IJN lands troops at Vigan.
* Intense fighting over Clark Field sees the USAAF fighter force deminished by another 4 airframes.
* US P-35's sortie against Vigan invasion and score multiple 100 lb hits
* USAAF B-17 bomb port at Babeldaob scoring no hits but surely putting a scare into DivePac
* RAF, RAAF bombers sortie to Kota Bharu and continue my problem with an overfascination with BB Kongo. In my WitP PBEM I had over 20 attacks on that ship by Commonwelath and Dutch bombers. No transports even touched.
* I-boat sinks an AGP inbound to NW Borneo to support MTB operations against anticipated invasions. Second AGP is dispatched from Java
* US CV SBD's spot I-boat near Palmyra. One must assume that the I-boat reported the presence of CV based a/c. USN CVTF scoot further south
* A replenishment TF departs SD to meet up with said carrier force.
* IJA has abandoned Ichang

Now for the most important stuff

KB remains just west of Lihue. A large sweep was conducted against PH with 73 A6M2 meeting a rag tag group of US fightes. The IJN came out on the winning end as far as kills but it's fighter strength was depleted. USAAF B-18 sortie against KB and make several runs on IJN carriers for no hits but likely put a spot in DivePac's shorts. KB then sends two large strikes against PH port and TF around Oahu. While I took some likes with over a dozen ships hit, the depleted IJN fighters were not able to protect their charges. This event will take a while for the IJN to offset.


vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/20/2011 2:15:00 AM)

10 December 1941

KB has disappeared. Most likely heading west toward Wake Island. CV Saratoga has sortied and is heading south then SW to meet up with her cohorts. Not really anticipating a need for her right now but I know the WCUSA is about to be inundated with IJN subs; so I got her out while the getting was good. First convoys are now heading out of WCUSA for points south. Most of the Singapore fleet is either in safer waters or sunk. No new landings today but IJN TF's are sighted north and west of the Admiralties.

Events of the day:

* Both Manila and Singers are bombed at night. Minimal damge at both locales
* S-36 scores the first hit of the war likely sinking a DMS off northern Luzon
* US and Filopina PT's try to penetrae the harbor at Vigan but are driven off
* Raid on Clark field sees 12 Ki-43Ic shot down for an equal number of P-40's
* B-17's put bombs into three different xAK off Vigan
* P-35 attempt to hit a convoy in the SCS but score no hits
* AV Langely is hit and sunk by bomb carrying Kates from mini-KB off Jolo
* AG Gold Star sinks off the coast of Mindanao having served her purpose well
* Mines about do in another small Dutch TK off Palembang.

A large number of ships are about to enter the Celebes Sea where mini-KB lurks. I have a few high value targets (AO, AS, etc) that I hope to get through. My hope is that the flood of low value targets will overwhelm the Kates


vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/21/2011 12:24:02 AM)

While waiting for a turn I thought I would share some thoughts as to the immediate Allied plans. I will go by AOO (Areas of Operation)


My appraoch here is not the so called "Line in the Sand" method, i.e. setting a line somwhere as my Main Defensive line. Instead I view it as more of the ripples caused by a pebble thrown into a pond. So I will use PH as my initial center of the ripple effect and move outward from there. The two Marine Rgt starting at San Diego will be moved to the big island in Hawaii. While I do not expect an invasion in the HI, my opponent is experienced and skilled. I do not want to leave anything up in the air. Midway will be protected by the units starting in place there plus lots of mines. One of the ample supply of ACM the Allies get will be sent there as opportunity allows. I do not plan on reinforcing with either troops of a/c. My next point of defense will be Christmas Island. A CD unit is scheduled to move there and I will move an INF RGT there as soon as PP allow. Once that is in plus I will move one of the big BF units down from Oahu. Eventually I will likely put some VMF and VMSB units in place to provide protection against at least a lightning strike by the Japanese. MY CVTF will linger in this area to guard against any "quick grab" attempts by my opponent of the Line Island and possibly the Phoenix Islands


Here I am basically ceding everything to my opponent short of the Societies. Once the 27th ID and Americal are fully available I will reinforce Fiji and Samoa. I will not risk these units until I can go in with at least division strength. New Caledonia would be next on the list but again only after I have enough strength to repel at least a divisional assault by DivePac


Biggest emphasis here is moving supplies to Darwin and PM before the IJA/IJAAF move enough units in to make it prohibitive. Expect sub blockades of at least Sydney and Perth. NW Oz is a lost cause until I get some strength built up. If possible I will try to retain/retake Port Hedland to use as a refueling base for subs. My defense will be focused on the NE corner (Townsville, Cooktown et al) and Perth until I have enough strength to move forward.


I will fight a delaying action in Malaya unto we get to Kukong. This hex has good defensive terrain and cannot be flanked easily. Depending on the rapidity of the IJA advance, I may pull the two Aussie BGD's out to defend western Java. I did the Palembang gambit in my last game; so I will not repeat that move here. There are two reasons for this. THe first is just to change things up. The second is that my partner Nomad did such a good job fortifying southern Sumatra that our game ended in May of 1942. So while the Palembang gambit can be a great stretegic move by the Allied player, it has the potential of being too effective and thereby ending the game.

So I will instead fortify western Java. The two most southern bases are mountain/jungle hexes. My last stand will be there and I think this may really throw an unexpected curve at my opponent. I am concentrating all my engineers at that end of the island to build forts as quickly as possible. In addition, garrisons are being pulled from Kendari, Macassar, and a couple other isolated outposts to augment the strenght here. I know in the end it will be nothing more than a speed bump but every little bit I can slow the Japanese momentum down here gives me more time where I really need it. All my minelayers are moving to either Merak of Batavia and will continue working those bases until the mines run out (which won't take long)


I am concentating on Clark Field. I am ceding Manila to my opponent leaving just enough force to delay him a few turns. I am moving supply with xAKL through the blockade to Cebu and the other Central PI bases. Just want to strenghten these bases a little to again delay the Japanese onslaught. CA Houston is just north of Legapsi (sp?). No IJN movement toward that base but SigInt indicates two units prepping for Maubin. Perhaps my opponent is going to try to go in the "back door" to Manila/Clark. I suspect he will want to whittle down the USAAF in the PI befoer he makes that move.

Burma defense will focus on Pegu. Again just another roadblock, but he will at least have to shock attack across the river to get into the hex. Once Pegu falls, the Burma units will fight a delaying action back towards Akyab and Ledo. The 18th UK will go to Chittagong and the Burma reinforcements will go to Akyab. While I will focus the bulk of my force in the Bengal region, I will keep some units at Karachi to act as a "Mike force" if Divepac tries an invasion to the west.


I have several SCTF set up to act as rapid reaction forces. These units are tasked to hitting any unescorted invasions my opponent may attempt. The will not face off with the IJN unless the odds are favorable. There is one built around POW/Repulse just south of Kuching, one in the Coral Sea, one at Balikpapan. and one heading to Ambon. In addition PT/MTB will do what they can in the PI and Java Sea

vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/21/2011 7:39:05 AM)

11 December 1941

This game has initially started slow as far as action goes. Highlights of the turn

* SS Searaven attacks an xAKL on the surface off Iwo Jima. Appears the IJN ship was sunk
* Several USN fleet baots fired dud TT at IJN ships off northern Luzon. However, several of the xAK had "Heavy Fires, Heavy Damage" from air attacks
* SS Porpoise puts a TT into an xAK near Laog. Appears this is an empty heading home
* I-Boats continue to wreak havoc in the eastern Java Sea but missed on several opportunities this turn
* Mines are cleared near Palembang
* An IJN TF is spotted by SBD's near Jarvis Island. I think this is a surface raider group. US CVTF are moved into position to attack
* Japanese troops land and take Tabiteuea in the Gilberts
* Cl Adelaide arrives at Rabaul
* Mini KB withdraws towards the Palaus
* IJNAF fighter sweeps reduce operation aircraft at Clark to about 20 airframes. May be time to scoot
* Unit count at Vigan has grown to nine
* Q boats once again cannot get by the IJN SCTF protecting the transports at Vigan


vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/23/2011 12:38:10 AM)

12 December 1941

The waning moon comes to my aid. Both the USN PT boats and the Filipino Q Boats finally get in amongst the tranports off Vigan. Two AK, a DD, and a DMS are all reported hit by TT's. Both groups were able to get away with minimal damage. An I-boat finishes off the TK near Jolo. A Nav Guard unit takes vacant Aitape. The battle of attrition continues at Clark Field. Also G4M1 strike Cagayan's AB making B-17 launching less likely. I may move some of the Clark fighters down this way as they might actually be helpful here. SBD's from Lexington sink an AMC near Jarvis Island. Having revealed themselves, both US CVTF move SE towards Elau Atoll in the Marquesas.

I commented on the lack of invasions. My opponent hinted that he was going to do something unconventional. Wonder if we will see an early move on Palembang. Waiting with a piqued curiosity

Edit: shouldn't post in the wee hours of the morning

vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/26/2011 1:42:05 AM)

13 December 1941

Our game has been proceeding slowly due to RL imposing itself on my opponent. Those of you who are spiritual may want to remember our brother Des who is facing some serious health issues right now.

So things are proceeding incredibly slowly. A week into the game and my opponent has landed at one base in the PI (Vigan), one base in Malaya (not counting Singora), two bases in the Gilberts, Guam, and one base on NG (Aitape). One wonders what is happening here. Finally TF are spotted off the west tip of Palawan and another two in the Gulf of Davao. So I am expecting invasions likely on Mindanao and some where in the Celebes Sea (Jolo, Tarakan, Menado, ???)

SS Swordfish has emptied her magazines almost completely. She engaged a lone AK off Shokaku with dud TT and then attacked an AMc off Nagoya on the surface. As I have seen in other games, the USN fleet boats have a nasty habit of emptying there tubes at targets engaged on the surface no matter how small. Another fleet boat attack an unescorted TK in the Yellow Sea with dud TT. Again this plays to my favor as DivePac will now realize that I am willing to send my subs anywhere.

The battle of attrition over Clark Field is about over. The constant A6M2 and Ki-43Ib raids are impossible to oppose at this point. My only solace is that I have taken a few of these elite pilots down with me. I am moving the remnants of two groups out. They will try to protect Cagayan for a few turns.

As I have seen no sign of an immediate move toward Wake Island, I dispatched a small AG from PH. Likely this is a suicie mission but I though I would try

Day Time Surface Combat, near Raoul Island at 126,173, Range 15,000 Yards

Japanese Ships
AMC Hokoku Maru

Allied Ships
xAP Mildura, Shell hits 11, heavy fires, heavy damage (later sinks)
xAP Murada, Shell hits 6, on fire

From the attached image you can see this may end up being a proble. I am sending CA Pensacola down from Suva. Mid Ocean intercepts are a hard thing to plot but I will be happy if my opponent catches wind that a USN cruiser is near by and runs away.


vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/26/2011 10:49:17 PM)

Starting to become concerned about this game. We are a week in and what strikes me is where my opponent has not moved rather than where he has moved.

He has not moved on Kavieng, Rabaul, the Shortlands, Wewak, Hollandia, Wake, PNG, the East coast of Luzon, Miri, Brunei, Kuching, Tarakan, Menado, Morotai, etc, etc, etc,. Nothing has moved in China other than units that are now at Hong Kong. I have not picked up any movement into Burma - not even Victoria point.

So the question rolls around in my mind: is he just being cautious or is he planning a lightning move somewhere like NE Oz or Palembang or Java? What about the HI? Hmmmm

The world wonders indeed.

vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/28/2011 6:47:26 AM)

15 December 1941

Well things are looking a little more predictable today. There were invasions at Davao and Jolo in the PI. A CV based A6M2 sweep was flown over Wake Island but it was only 18 a/c. So I am thinking maybe two CV's nearby. Other events of note:

* A division strength Deliberate attack was made in the hex immediately SW of Kota Bhuru. It came off at 1:2.
* Deliberate Attack at Hong Kong reduces forts to 2
* A small TF sent to Davao to pick up the small BF there was destroyed by the invasion force (xAP and an AVD sunk)
* IJN subs sink two xAKL in the Java Sea and one near Jolo
* Mini KB is SE of Davao and sunk an xAK

SigInt say Heavy Volume of Radio Traffic SSE of Okinaw. Thia may be the rest of KB redeploying to the SRA.


vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (8/31/2011 7:42:52 PM)

16 December 1941

Des had made a post in HERWIN's VT thread about my love of the plywood navy. Thought it was odd as I only once had even got close enough to shoot. Of course Des had this turn in his hands at the time and I didn't. I had sent the MTB from Hong Kong to Takao. They get in amonst the loading transports and wreaked a little havoc. Three xAK were hit by TT with two of them having "Heavy Fires, Heavy Damage". I lost one MTB to a mine and two will not make it back to port most likely form gunfire damage. BTW, these were all day time combats at 2000 yds due to thunderstorms being present in the hex. Now if HK can just hang on for a few more days.

Very little else to report. SS Sargo fired dud TT at an AO just south of Port Blair. The IJAAF made its first sweep of Singapore and I lost 13 Buffaloes in one round. Prolly going to have to pull the AF out of Singapore soon. The IJA army units SW of Kota Bharu made another deliberate attack which came of at 1:1 this time and reset my movement. IJN fighters swept Wake Island then a came a CV based air strike consisting of:

A6M2 Zero x 59
B5N2 Kate x 35
D3A1 Val x 70

Obvious my previous assumption that two CV were off Wake is incorrect. I make that a minimum of three and mostly likely at least four. It is possible the entire KB is still there.

Japan occupied Jolo without firing a shot. Davao fell to the 146ht Inf RGT. SS Dolphin has mined Kwajalein harbor. In northern China two IJA ID pushed aside a single Chinese Inf Corps NE of Chengting.


vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (9/5/2011 4:50:29 AM)

17 Dec 1941

Turns continue to be exchanged at a painfully slow pace. Big turn today for the Japanese as both Wake Island and Hong Kong fell. Des sent two NavGuard and a SNLF to Wake. No movement toward the SRA yet.

With Wake falling KB is now released to go elswhere. I suspect DivePac may send them to support landins in the Bismarks and PNG. The other locale would be to support a push into the SRA especially Palembang. An Indian BGD is WNW of Merak and will proceed to Batavia.

vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (9/10/2011 12:27:25 AM)

18-19 Dec 1941

Slow turns. No new invasions. Seeing some air action over Rangoon where the Buffalos are getting slaughtered. My suicide xAKL runs into the PI are getting roughed up by LBA and a SCTF.

San Fernando falls to what appears to be the 48th ID. A second wave of transports is landing at Vigan.

For the first time ever I see an opponent use the navigable rivers. A convoy is located at Hankow this turn.

Sigint shows multiple units in bound to the Palaus and Cam Ray Bay. I suspect my opponent is gathering forces for a big push into the SRA


vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (9/13/2011 3:14:28 AM)

20 December 1941

TF are spotted NE of Mindanao. SigInt reveals unit loaded on an xAKL heading for Cagayan so it is assumed that is the target. I had sent Adelaide up to Nauru Island in hopes of interfering with an invasion. She got spotted two turns ago so I sent her back to Noumea. She ran afoul of the AMC I had sent Pensacola out to hunt down. Battle was pretty even with two shell hits on each combatant.

My B-17 units had been pulled from Cagayan a few turns ago so only the unrepaired airframes are there. AIr Battle continues over Rangoon with further attrition of Allied fighters. Des promises game will heat up soon. One thing i noticed is every invasion so far has been well supported with SCTF. That may be what is slowing Des down as far as forward progress


vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (9/17/2011 7:51:23 PM)

21 December 1941

So I had left CA Houston in the central PI hoping to hit an unprotected invasion. As my opponent has not oblige me in that hope, I decided to get her out. Mini-KB had been moving back and forth between teh Celebes Sea and the Palaus. So I decided to send her SW towards Miri/Brunei. Well he moved his carriers NW and Houston took two TT off Palawan. Even if she could survive the damage, she likely will be sunk next turn by either Carrier air or a SCTF. Boooooo. Not my most shining moment

Invasion at Cagayan this turn. Several TF spotting in the South China Sea (SCS) and west of the Palaus. I think We are finally going to see some movement into the DEI. Location of KB is unknown, but my Spidey Sense is tingling. Therefore I moved my SCTF at the Shortlands back toward Noumea. First supplie xAK will arrive at Sydney in two to three turns.


vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (9/24/2011 7:07:30 PM)

22 December 1941

CA Houston makes it to Brunei. Fires are out and FLOT sits at 26. See the turns action for the problem on getting her out. The IJN launded a NavGd unit at Sidate to cut off retreat from Menado.

vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (9/24/2011 7:14:50 PM)

23 December 1941

I spotted the IJN moving towards Kuching so I sent Force Z up to wreak some havoc. Unfortuanately I didn't get in amongst the transports but trading a Cl and two DD for a BB is never bad. I think Atago also may have sunk though only time will tell. Very surprised at the fine performance by the outnumbered RN fleet here. Two RNN PT boat squadrons will head to Kuching. RAF pilots continues their obsession at attacking IJN capital ships off Kuching this time

Japan takes Sidate and lands at both Ternate and Menado this turn. Those base should both fall next turn. Calayan North of Luzon is occupied. IJA takes Bayombang in central Luzon. A SCTF built around CL Marblehead will arrive at Sidate this turn to hopefully rough up the transport before they depart.


vettim89 -> RE: Beer for My Horses (Vettim89 (a) vs DivePac88(j) DBBv8) (9/24/2011 7:15:33 PM)

Force Z's location is 180 W of the north cap of Borneo and status is below for those that are wondering


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24 December 1941

A good turn. The RNN MTB are sent to Kuching. The first group does little damage but the second group excises a pund of flesh. So far Kuching has cost the IJN a BB and a DMS for sure, heavy damage and possible loss to a CA and an AMC plus heavy damage to an xAK. Not bad for two days worth of work.

More good news as CA Houston has rounded the north Cap of Borneo and is heading to Batavia with a 3 DD escort. There are lots of subs in the Java Sea so this is still a perilous journey.

Ternate falls and the SCTF Built around CL Marblehead misses the IJN at Sidate. Menado holds but will likely fall next turn

I had invested Canton behind the IJA's move on Hong Kong. A IJA Deliberate attack came off at 1 to 2 with losses at 1300 to 250 in favor of the KMT. Sinyang is similarly invest. The only action in China right now is uo north in the mountains east of Yenen. Credit to Admiral Spruance for teaching me that running away is not always the best move in China


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Just found from the main Forum that Des Wallace, my opponent for this game lost his battle with some serious helath issues. Des was a gentleman and even in his last days was concerned about getting turns back to me and Roger. A true gentleman until the end.

Rest in peace, Des.

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