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nikivdd -> Danzig scenario (8/11/2011 8:25:16 PM)

Here is a scenario i made for Germany. It is called The corridor of Danzig.

You can download the attachment in a zip file (v0.3 update 05/09/11). Updated by Razz! Thanks a lot :)

Extract under \documents\my games\panzer corps\scenario
If you don't have the scenario folder, you need to create one.
Start the game, choose scenario, then click on custom and you should find Danzig scenario there.

Have fun :)

MadmanRick -> RE: Danzig scenario (8/13/2011 12:33:05 AM)

I just finished this scenario and all I can say is I look forward to your campaign! This scenario was challenging and fun and the map was first rate! Thanks!

nikivdd -> RE: Danzig scenario (8/13/2011 10:24:45 AM)


ORIGINAL: MadmanRick

I just finished this scenario and all I can say is I look forward to your campaign! This scenario was challenging and fun and the map was first rate! Thanks!

I'm glad you liked it. I've written down "the plot" for the next scenario's on paper and i've already chosen the maps to work with.
I hope to release every mission in the campaign as a single player scenario as well. The biggest job, but fun nonetheless, is making the maps.

zombiehunter -> RE: Danzig scenario (8/15/2011 4:51:08 AM)

I really like the idea of this campaign, especially with Danzig being one of the main Casus Belli for the Polish invasion in the first place and  adore having lots of units to motor around but this map was HUGE!  Still, nice nice work!

nikivdd -> Danzig scenario (8/16/2011 6:05:23 PM)


blownz06 -> RE: Danzig scenario (9/3/2011 2:15:14 AM)

Ok I downloaded it into a Scenario folder I created under Slitherine/PanzerCorps/Scenario. I extracted it and there was a pzscn, and pzloc file which I have saved in that scenario folder. Now when I go to try to load the scenario in multiplayer, nothing shows up. What do I need to do? Thanks!
Tampa FL

Razz -> RE: Danzig scenario (9/3/2011 5:37:12 AM)

C:\My Documents\My Games\Panzer Corps\Scenario

blownz06 -> RE: Danzig scenario (9/3/2011 5:25:51 PM)

Thanks Razz...got this and bocage in there now!

parusski -> RE: Danzig scenario (9/3/2011 9:48:02 PM)


ORIGINAL: nikivdd

Changed this scenario somewhat as a first mission of the new campaign.


Changed some panzers to PzIVD.
Removed the armoured trains..
Enemy counterattack is very likely.
I had the impression that the spearheads are advancing quicker now.

Odd this, I keep getting a video codec to download...

Razz -> RE: Danzig scenario (9/3/2011 10:54:56 PM)

They tricked you.

Click here to start download from sendspace

parusski -> RE: Danzig scenario (9/4/2011 12:41:56 AM)

LOL, not completely. I may not pay attention to everything, but I look before leaping.

Razz -> RE: Danzig scenario (9/5/2011 8:12:52 PM)

Try this.

Game was too easy and gave too many core units. Also, winning conditions were unclear.
24 Turns, more challenging.

You still end up with allot of prestige, but much better.

blownz06 -> RE: Danzig scenario (9/5/2011 8:22:38 PM)

downloaded it

Smilla -> RE: Danzig scenario (12/6/2011 12:02:37 AM)

<Vamos allá

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