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frankschilde -> 3 questions concerning the rules (8/9/2011 10:17:50 AM)

Question 1: how skirmishers work. I don't find anything in the rulebook. i also don't see any info on the forum anumore.
Question 2: what is the difference between a mounted and dismounted leader. I don't see any difference laso not fe in the hit chance in the scenario documents.
question 3: can several units fire together to increase hit rate. what are the requirements? otherwise, shooting with a 50 men unit ( 100 men) unit does not make much sense.

Hyding -> RE: 3 questions concerning the rules (8/13/2011 9:52:51 AM)

Simovitch posted this in answer to a similar question from me in March of 2010. You will find the answer (and a lot more) in the in-game help files:

Un-Disrupted, un-Routed Infantry and dismounted Cavalry units in line formation with more than 100 men that do not currently have an enemy unit in their Zone-Of-Control may deploy Skirmishers during the Movement Phase. The Deploy/Recall Skirmishers menu item of the Units Menu or corresponding Toolbar button are used for this purpose. When an Infantry or dismounted Cavalry unit has deployed Skirmishers, the facing icon of the unit changes to reflect this . When a unit has deployed Skirmishers, it can detect the presence of enemy units in an extended zone that covers the 3 hexes ahead of the unitís normal Zone-Of-Control as in the diagram. However, the presence of an enemy unit in the unitís normal Zone-Of-Control negates this ability. Enemy units which are detected by the Skirmisher zone and are not otherwise Spotted are shown as Unknown units . While a unit has Skirmishers deployed, all movement by that unit costs one additional Movement Point. When the unit fires, 100 men are subtracted from the strength of the unit to reflect the deployed skirmishers. Likewise, a unit that has Skirmishers deployed has a reduced probability of constructing Breastworks. A unit that moves into a Skirmisher zone of the opposing side pays an additional Movement Point for that movement and all other movement while in the Skirmisher zone. It costs a unit 1 Movement Point to deploy or recall Skirmishers. In addition, Skirmishers may not be recalled after a unit has expended Movement Points in that Movement Phase. Units which participate in Melee, either as attacker or defender, have any deployed Skirmishers automatically recalled as a result of the melee.

For one thing skirmishers keep you from blundering into unseen enemy formations and getting suffering unwanted defesive fire.

lordhoff -> RE: 3 questions concerning the rules (9/11/2011 6:28:46 AM)

Been a while but here is what I think I recall:

1): answered

2}: Mounted = greater chance at death or injury but greater positive affect on combat.

3}: I don't believe they can.

Hyding -> RE: 3 questions concerning the rules (11/18/2011 12:17:54 PM)

Actually combining units could move you shots into better firing tables. I don't know the numbers where that happens and don't want to.

BUT... if three units of 300 in the hex wanted to fire at an enemy unit (if they are all the same quality/same fatigue levels) then firing together will maximize the chance for a high casualty result. Firing separately might or might not produce statistically higher results either way (depending on the fire tables) but I think your chances of getting at least a fatigue hit are slightly higher firing with multiple separate shots. You can't produce extra fatigue hits against a unit in a single fire phase. Once a unit take a casualty of fatigue hit in a fire phase its fatigue will not be impacted. A lot of times when you are firing a bunch of small units they seem ineffective. Any extra fatigue hits they get do nothing. having them available did increase your chance of getting a fatigue hit. THe advantage you have over the AI is that once you get a fatigue hit you can stop firing small units and save ammo. THe AI will continue firing all his units and might produce more longshot casualties bu twill certainly burn more ammo without any chance of inflicting another level of fatigue damage that fire phase. At least you get to choose when to combine unit fires and when to stop firing a an enemy unit in a fire phase and who to fire first.

Notice the AI always takes all of its shots by individual units.

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