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newmanovci -> Victory at last! (8/1/2011 2:02:50 PM)

Well, I finally concluded my first play-through of the campaign with a resounding CSA victory in Nov 64, due to the national elections. It took so long, because I played almost every battle in Detailed form. Thoroughly enjoyed the game.

A few niggles along the way (come on, I can't be positive all the time! [;)]):

- The start-of-turn summary report sometimes showed as a blank page and sometimes showed text, but mis-formatted with very large font. And sometimes, even when the text was present and in the correct font size, some line-breaks were missing, making certain lines hard to read.

- I almost never could get the various reports showing, which was annoying, as I'd have liked to have viewed the Battle Reports (to check on weapon capture, amongst other things) and the Rumours section.

- My usual music setting (OFF) was ignored when I opened saved games. This was an extra pain when the saved game was part-way through a Detailed Battle.

- I didn't mandate a particular battle format, preferring to decide on an ad hoc basis. However, several times, I was thrown into a Simple Battle, when in fact I'd have preferred a Detailed one. Perhaps though, this is automatic with certain small force sizes? Either way, once the game had decided on one Simple Battle, all subsequent ones would be auto-set to Simple, unless I exited and re-started the game.

- I didn't understand the relationship - mismatch would be a better way of putting it - between brigade designations (e.g. 1st Georgia, 21st Tennesee) and the description of the unit shown when it was selected in Detailed Battle. The latter showed division, corps and army assignments that didn't at all match the ones I'd made for the unit. Was this a historical designation or something?

And...that's about it really. Fairly minor things. And, as I'm a previously-stated big fan of the game, I hope the above is taken as meant - i.e. constructive criticism of a fine product, not empty whining [;)]. I will certainly be coming back to the game subsequently - and many times I suspect. I see that there are currently people looking for PBEM opponents. Unfortunately, I have a queue of other games that has been on hold and I want to try those out before I return. Not to mention my eventual purchase of Crown of Glory: EE [:)].

parusski -> RE: Victory at last! (8/2/2011 3:47:58 AM)

Congrats. I have owned this game since the day it was released and I still love to play it.

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