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DigIn -> Is it the same game? (7/30/2011 8:29:25 PM)

I started a campaign on Col, Won my decisive in Poland. Moved on to Norway, won the decisive and moved to the low countries. Who's kidding here? The low country AAR's on Slitherine, You tube all have MASSIVE forces more than I do. Are they an earlier version? Is anyone else having a lot of trouble wining the low countries? If not, could you give me a force structure, please?

gids -> RE: Is it the same game? (7/30/2011 8:46:08 PM)

well i alwayts make sure i have at least 3 fighters and JUB then a good mix of tanks pioneers grenadiers and youre fine,its strategically more challenging then the old PG which i qiute like,but dont use all your Requisition in poland and norway to upgrade elite,need to be picky on what you make elite,cant have all Topnotch troops first few scenarios ,otherwise youl end up with to expensive troops to early and you cant reinforce then in the low countries,and make sure theire fighters are out of the way and bombers ,they have quite alot in that scenario

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