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Manu -> question about the element text (7/28/2011 12:03:10 AM)

Is the column "is building" in the element text the reference to allow or not the mortars (and the medium guns) to deploy in a building? Does this data influence anything else in the game mechanics?

xe5 -> RE: question about the element text (7/29/2011 12:00:31 AM)

Wood rubble, stone rubble, and brick rubble (elements 11, 12 & 13) are all flagged (column AE) as buildings. But non-building elements (eg. wood fence, courtyard) rubble/crush/burn to wood, stone and brick rubble.

So, for example, does a wood fence that gets crushed into wood rubble become a building for the purposes of column AE?

Platoon_Michael -> RE: question about the element text (7/29/2011 3:35:11 AM)

Ahhhh what?[&:]

That one went way over my head.
I too would like to change my F.O. teams to fire from inside a building but haven't found out how yet.

Q.M -> RE: question about the element text (7/29/2011 10:10:56 AM)

I used to know this one. TT told me how one night during an online chat. Will have a scout around and see if I have the info at hand Michael. Something to do with allowing Fausts to be able to fire from within buildings..weapon type?

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