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Sorta -> Game won't install (7/22/2011 11:09:20 PM)

Game won't install - using Win 7 (all other matrix games playing fine GG WIE/EIA etc).


Raskal -> RE: Game won't install (3/16/2012 11:16:00 PM)

I am curious whether the question posed by Sorta has ever been addressed. I recently purchased a new computer and have had difficulty installing this game (as well as a few others), which I suspect may be related to Windows 7. The installation seems to proceed smoothly until the very end, but never quite finishes. I see a miniature screen on the toolbar that appears to be asking for the serial number or license key, but I can't maximize it off of the toolbar. A bit frustrating. Oh well.

RFC -> RE: Game won't install (12/15/2015 7:53:43 PM)

Purchased BOA2 and this title last night. Was able to install BOA2, but having no luck with American Civil War The Blue and the Gray[&:] While installing it doesn't ask for the serial number and hangs on "Finishing Installation..." The files appear to be installed, but I get no response from the desktop shortcut, the "AACW .exe" file, or the "AGESettings .exe" file. Running Windows 10. Any help would very much appreciated.

zakblood -> RE: Game won't install (12/15/2015 8:07:08 PM)

have you installed the game as admin?

right click on the install program and run as admin.

have you tried running the install in compatibility mode for the correct version of the game, if it's a windows xp aged game select that, if windows 7, select that etc

have you disabled you're anti virus while trying to install the game, gave the install program the admin and firewall rights? easy to check, just run the event viewer and it will log any errors, or your firewall and AV program.

have you installed all the pre requites that the game needs etc

please make sure all game pre requisite are installed with the game, even if you think or fully know there are already installed, it will only over write, and it may be that you have a older or newer version of these where as the game in question may need a certain version.

the correct version will be included with the game, no matter how old, they will be needed, even if you have a newer version installed...

next as you see if a game runs in 32bit, but you use a 64bit O/S like me, you still need to load both the 32/64 bit version as one file doesn't do both, same as the latest version of anything doesn't include the older versions either.

have you checked main to see if this game is windows 10 compatible?

RFC -> RE: Game won't install (12/15/2015 10:22:31 PM)

Thanks for your help, zakblood.

Seems to be a compatibility issue with windows 10. Would have been nice for Matrix to have a link on their purchase page to the page you linked to. Maybe I missed it? Hope AGEOD get it running for windows 10 soon?

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