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Pelton -> 1944 data Kamil vs Pelton (Manstein Plan-Minus the counter attacking) (6/30/2011 1:03:06 AM)

End of Turn 1

AGN: Normal opening for me. Looks like from the recon hes going to be fighting forward, which is a change from my past 3 games. Should be interesting.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (6/30/2011 1:03:52 AM)



Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (6/30/2011 1:04:27 AM)



Klydon -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (6/30/2011 4:07:40 AM)

This should be a good AAR. [sm=00000613.gif]

Mynok -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (6/30/2011 5:23:36 AM)

Man, that's not an Lvov pocket! You've done far better before! What happened?

That's a lot of 9th army headed north. New gambit? Going hard for Leningrad?

Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (6/30/2011 1:31:36 PM)

I have several different opening now depending where they russian is defending the most, all forward defence, The Hill Billy defence ect ect.

Not that any of them work, but keep things interesting. I hope Sweetpea drops by I am missing him alrdy [:D]


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/3/2011 1:44:39 AM)

End of turn 2

AGN: I am across the river in strength, so far everything going head of my time table. The latest you want to be over river is by turn 5.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/3/2011 1:47:42 AM)

AGC: Everything again going as planned. I like to be over the land bridge or over rivers by turn 6. He did manage to cut of one of my nech units, but nothing that will slow me down.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/3/2011 1:51:31 AM)

AGS: Looks like Kamil is all in on the southern front. Hes got a very dtrong checker board going and I did not do my normal 2 turn spearhead and its cost me a turn. Hopefully I can save my normally strong southern offensive, but I am guessing its going to take until turn 5 to get things rolling the way I want them.

Two new games and both are very different.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/7/2011 1:49:58 AM)

End of turn 4

I have never played vs a checker board player so I am changing up my normal game plan at this point. I am very much injoying this game.

AGN Going as planned so far. I expect to have to grind it out.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/7/2011 1:50:38 AM)

AGC: Going as planned.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/7/2011 1:51:11 AM)

AGS: Not going as planned. I am starting to do the packman thing down here bagging a handfull of units every turn hoping to were him down.

Kamil is doing a very good job evacing production right before I get to any centers.

My losses are light so far we shall see if that pays off for me between turns 12 and 18.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/7/2011 1:51:40 AM)

Dead stuff


Mynok -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/8/2011 3:12:44 AM)

Do you know how much of your inf losses are attrition vs combat? Just curious.

Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/11/2011 12:44:46 PM)

My moves turn 6
Production Destoryed:

AGN: Making a few hexes a turn head way. Things are going ok.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/11/2011 12:48:44 PM)

AGC: Things are going good here, just tring to keep pressure on where I can and set-up for next breakthrough.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/11/2011 12:50:14 PM)

AGS: Resistance is very stong in the south hopefully this will open stuff up in center and north. I keep looking for a weak point to exploit. Nothing so far.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/11/2011 12:55:19 PM)

My moves turn 7
Production Destoryed:
Production locked down:
13 ARM

AGN: I finally manage to break the rail lines to Leningrad. Locking in some production pts. It will be a while before I can totally take it out and free up Fins.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/11/2011 12:57:42 PM)

AGC: Hes pulling back all along the front where is can to keep me from getting pockets. It seems kinda easly for him to be doing this, but we see. Hes doing a fine job keeping me under control so far and has managed to save most of his production so far.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/11/2011 12:59:27 PM)

AGS: Again another turn for me and no breakthroughs. hes doing a good job pulling back and standing and fighting as needed so far.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/13/2011 10:41:18 AM)

My moves turn 8

Production Destoryed:
Production locked down:
Leningrad and Krivio Rog
11 HVY
16 ARM

AGN: Pounding it out toward Leningrad. He will have to pull units out to help with the breakthrough I was finally able to get west of Moscow.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/13/2011 10:42:00 AM)

AGC: I finally get a breakthrough west of Moscow! Kamil has done an excellent job until now of completely keeping my forses infront of him until now. This should be a game changer. He will have to with draw untils from north and south to contant this breakthrough. I have allot of infantry and tanks in this area. Unlike past games I have been sending my new units to center and draw of some troops from south and north and sent them here. I have a very good chance to take Moscow which I hardly ever do. Railhead is at the front so tanks are close to 40 mps without HQ build ups.

As German its improtant to be flexable after turn 4. By then you should beable to tell where the Russian player is over commited and what tactics hes using and changes yours. I am very close to allot of production now from north to south so I hope over the next 6 turns to be able to destory allot. He doesn't receive much in the way of reinforsements between turns 11-13 so if I can break his lines by turn 11 I should be able to take out allot of stuff.

I really thk I have a good shot at Moscow.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/13/2011 10:42:31 AM)

I am able to lock down Krivio Rog. I have spread out my mech units a little more so I can probe the line looking for weak pts. The MP's are high because I am so close to railheads. He has not moved much production in the area other then the factorys in Kharkov. So there is still allot of arm and hvy pts in the area of operations.

His lines are becoming weaker overall and with my breakthrough in the center I expect he have to weaken this area or loss Moscow.

Turns 11-13 he receives very little in the way of renforcements so I am expecting a breakthrough in this area withen a turn or 2.

I still have not recovered from my blunder on turn 2, but things are looking up. I now finaly have pressure on allot of production areas from north to south.

Changing over to packman tactics in the south I beleive is starting to pay off. I have more units cut off near Keiv.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/17/2011 12:47:13 PM)

My moves turn 11

I have to really bag allot of production the next few turns. I am very close to allot of production centers and hes not going to be getting much for new units the next 2 turns, so this is where the rubber meets the road.

One down side to checker board defence is I am able every turn to cut of 6 to 12 powerful Russian units. It doesn't seem like much, but over time it really weakens the Russian lines.

The proof will be what happens the next 7 turns.

Production Destoryed:
10 HVY
10 ARM
Production locked down but not destoryed
14 HVY
25 ARM

AGN: Crossed the river near Leningrad so city should fall soon.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/17/2011 12:55:25 PM)

AGC: Just 3 hexes from Moscow. Strong infanty corps at front and tanks are rdy to roll.
I am pushing 1 to 2 hexes per turn here so things are looking good. Hoping to lock down some of Moscows production withen a turn or 2

I cut off 6 more units.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/17/2011 12:56:44 PM)

AGS: Still tring to make up for my screw up on turn 2.


Kamil -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/17/2011 1:45:04 PM)

Small AAR intrusion. Fall of Leningrad took me really by surprise. I expected my morons to do slightly better.


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/17/2011 7:51:09 PM)

No sir your welcome to post or generally talk on thread. I was not expecting it myself.

Make sure those guys are shot for sure [:@]

I am sure Hitler would do the same [X(]


Pelton -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/19/2011 4:21:51 PM)

Turn 12

AGN is working on finishing off Leningrad.

Not posting anything on AGC at this time working on something [8D] My Russian opponents are free to look at these threads any time they want so some times I lag a turn behind or don't post everything if I have something going down in one area.

AGS I was able to exploit the hole I made last turn and cut off the Stalino area. I probably lose 1 mech division, but again its 100% worth the risk. The breakthrough has several Infantry corps at base and 2 gassed up panzer corps so I should be able to move whatever is in front of me next turn. There are also allot of other targets withen range.

I have to get atleast another 35 aps to get to 70, but really would like 65 more.
There are more then that many withen reach.

So far Kamil has done a supper job of saving his production just in time and his army is in good shape also so far. He is a good opponent.



Kamil -> RE: Pelton vs Kamil (7/19/2011 8:35:44 PM)

Well, I wouldn't consider myself good player, because all of 4 pivotal moments of that game were consequences of my bad decisions - Pelton skilfully crafted situation, that "gave me opportunity to make mistake" and then equally skilfully exploited it.

1st - crossing Dnepr near Kiev (mistake)
2nd - crossing upper Dnepr (mistake)
3rd - crossing Neva (miscalculation plus a bit of ill fortune)
4th - cutting off rail east of Stalino (mistake)

Unfortunately there is enough time for breakthroughs number 5 or 6.

AGC - villagers near Bryansk saw a lot of strange looking Agricultural Farming Vehicles. Are they coming to reap what you sow? Don't worry, I will try to welcome them with adequate honours.

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