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phredd1 -> CEAW Grand Strategy Partisions (6/29/2011 10:20:44 AM)

This is my first experience with a mod. You seem to have done a wonderful job! I do have a a couple of requests.

One, could you release pdf manuals with it white background>? It makes it both cheaper to print and easier to read. Yeah, I'm old and need all the help I can get.

I'm running my first game as the Germans at maximum advantage Axis, as I figure things out and work my way through the manual. My question lies with the incredible increase in Soviet partisan creation, once the Soviets have surrendered.

In the Ukrainian region, this makes perfect sense as, I'm sure you know, the Ukrainian Nationalists fought the Red Army until 1953. There is no reason to suspect that they wouldn't have tried if ruled by Germany instead of the USSR.

In the rest of the conquered Soviet Union, perhaps Poland and the Baltic states might have tried something, but again they have to do it without UK support has the UK had no real ability to communicate with those entities.

As for the rest of the ex-USSR, probably partisan activity would have decreased. Under Stalin, the rule was "Fight or you and your family will be shot." With him gone and the Nazis in, the rule would change to "Don't fight or you and your family will be shot."

Also, it would have been impossible for the UK to subsidize these partisans, because they: a) didn't have the funds available and b) no practical way to get it to them. Stalin wouldn't help as he wouldn't want Hitler to get angry enough to start Round two.

Please don't take this as an attack on your work, I'm just curious about why you did what you did on this question.

rkr1958 -> RE: CEAW Grand Strategy Partisions (7/1/2011 10:03:18 PM)

Partisans have to be controlled by a major power. Outside the Soviet Union that power is Great Britain unless conquered then it's the USA. Inside of the Soviet Union it's Russia unless Russia is conquered then it's the UK.

The conquest of the Soviet Union will clear the "board" there of partisans; however, they will start arriving at the same rate as they would in enemy held areas of an unconquered Russia. The rates at which partisans spawn are a function of hex type (e.g., rough, forest, clear or city) and country (e.g., Russian core hexes). There is no subdivision with respect to a part of a country (e.g., Ukraine versus Siberia).

By the way, keeping the partisan threat under control in Russia, or any country for that matter (conquered or unconquered) can be accomplished by using garrisions to occupy the cities and, in the case of Russia, deploying three of four corps to kill those that appear.

laramieela -> RE: CEAW Grand Strategy Partisions (10/19/2011 4:27:23 AM)

Partisans, to be sure are a challenge in this updated version of Commander. What might have happened is speculative. Lots of Russians at the time of the Great Fatherland War or The Great Patriotic War were dedicated to Soviet Supremacy. Westerners have this notion that the Soviets were compelled to fight the oppression more than the invader, but even those individuals who later turned against the Stalinist abuses were so loyal during the invasion.
As active as partisans were in the overrun areas, more could be anticipated with the special battalions and other measures used to suppress dissent.
Do not forget the abstraction of the Urals and the other routes through which supplies could arrive, but in the main, Soviet partisans simply took their own weapons into the fight when their organized units disbanded.
Side note: If the Soviet Union was conquered. Stalin would not have been in a position to care. He would be a has been. In game terms, Soviet Union is destroyed and Germany colonizes.

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