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springer -> ATGWiki- Editor Manual Request for Help (6/29/2011 1:30:11 AM)

I really like AT, but one of the things I find make it difficult for me is that I don't have the time I'd like to dig into the guts of the editor. I figure I'm not alone and the complexity of the editor, which also makes for it's power, can be intimidating. My feeling was that if there was a guide to the editor in addition to the nice tutorials that are here on this sight, it would help others dive into one of the great pleasure of AT, which is modifying it.

So to address this issue, I've started creating an Editor Guide on Vic's AT Wiki. (It's under ideas in progress). I have made a very small start by trying to create a guide that walks the user through what each of the windows, boxes, and buttons mean.

The organization is by window, with each page explaining the information presented in a particular window or box. So far, I've done some work on the Maps button and am on the first draft of the Land button in the editor box. However, my primary goal was just to get the process started.

When I asked Vic for permission to start, we both realized the task was huge and would require a community effort to be successful. I figure now is a good time to ask the community at large to help out. Because work duty call's, my current snail's pace will be coming to a full halt for at least a month or longer. It seems like a great way for the AT community to really get into making a Wiki work.

I think the benefits would be outstanding: even more games, more design innovations, and more mods.
In addition, it can become a place where all the tutorials, existing mods, and advice can be organized in an easily accessible way (perhaps through the creation of FAQs)

If you are interested, please ask Vic for write permissions on the editor. I think it could be another great way for the ATG community to collaborate on a larger project.

CSO_Talorgan -> RE: ATGWiki- Editor Manual Request for Help (7/21/2011 5:58:40 PM)

Excellent idea!

zhuo1005 -> RE: ATGWiki- Editor Manual Request for Help (3/3/2012 2:52:35 AM)

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bwheatley -> RE: ATGWiki- Editor Manual Request for Help (3/21/2012 7:31:52 PM)

oh yea thats a great idea. I just came across a new gotcha that i had to learn from trial and error I shall add it to the wiki. :)

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