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Lieste -> AI Routeing of Supply elements (6/23/2011 3:14:24 AM)

In a custom scenario, I have three SEP, providing alternative supply to two Bases:

SEP1 @ Clervaux
SEP2 @ Wiltz
SEP3 @ Bastogne

I had 110 Rgt located at and presumably taking supply from Clervaux, 28th Division located at and taking supply from Wiltz.
Supply take-up is all airlanded/static depot, with the proportions:
SEP1: 50, 40, 0, 0, 0
SEP2: 50, 80, 50, 0, 0
SEP3: 0, 80, 100, 110, 110

I ran into 110 Rgt still in place in Clervaux where it was destroyed (which seems ok to me, if sub-optimal).
On the morning of D2 though, the 28th Div HQ and Base arrive in the open ground just to the north of Clervaux into the teeth of an overwhelming German attack (despite Wiltz being far more 'important' than most AI objectives and 'safe' in the rear), and Bastogne being a better long term 'bet'.

I suspect it has something to do with the Armour attached to both, and their preponderance of HMG, but they would be far better employed dug in on their SEP than hare-ing around the countryside in sight of massed artillery and two infantry Rgts, plus PzJg elements...

I'll try re-arranging the SEP locations to see if there is a favouring of SEP1 over the other ones...

vandorenp -> RE: AI Routeing of Supply elements (6/23/2011 7:07:15 PM)

Your re-arranging is not likely to help.

You have progressed far enough to have discovered an unrealistic characteristic of the game that Dave has worked hard to deal with. He is still working on it. You will find that the game will routinely put the map boss into the thick of things. In fact HQ's up and down the chain of command will at any time gleefully pass directly by the point company or platoon and charge off into the unknown. IMO the location of the HQ's has to be disconnected from the objective center of mass location. Rather it should be driven by communications to subordinate units, defilade or covered positions and good transportaion center. Once in position it doesn't change except when those basics change. Presume Dave will have something more detailed for a response.

Lieste -> RE: AI Routeing of Supply elements (6/23/2011 7:16:30 PM)

HQ yes... I wasn't surprised to see it heading into Indian Country - in fact at 220 men with lots of 50 cals it did fairly well for 5-6 hours - it only died because it failed to retreat away and routed into oblivion - but severely mauled several companies.

Bases - my AI routinely sets the Base to the remotest point of the map, even when it is supposedly not being 'based'. Why it was also heading into the mess in the centre is more puzzling to me because of this...

Lieste -> RE: AI Routeing of Supply elements (6/23/2011 7:21:38 PM)

I also spotted I had inadvertently doubled up an objective on Clervaux - eliminated that also and will retry.

Annoying feature of the Scenario Editor... When attempting to move a SEP, it will always 'pick' the objectives nearby, even if objectives are not displayed. (hollow box shows the movement and when re-displaying the Objectives you'll find the 'missing ones' where you were dragging the SEP to).

Lieste -> RE: AI Routeing of Supply elements (6/26/2011 7:26:01 AM)

One re-run done. The 110 Column was still static on the SEP @ Clervaux, but the 28th Columns were found behind Wiltz - they had started in that town, and displaced to the rear 5km or so on D1, although I didn't see their destination at that point, only that they had moved.

28th HQ was lost on the Clerf river on the evening of D2, but there wasn't a great deal of front line troops left, so I have no desperate quarrel with the employment. 110th HQ displaced from Clervaux and brought reinforcements to support the 110 Recon contesting the southern advance from Consthum.

US artillery was a lot more active, both movement and firing, and attacker's casualties were about double the previous maximum.

Not sure whether the re-ordering of the SEP had any effect, or if it was only eliminating the doubled Clervaux victory point, and a slightly different arrangement for my initial attacks (ignored Heinerscheid, and took Fishbach instead on D1, linking the three Rgt on Honscheid, Marnach and Fishbach - previously I'd weighted the attacks against Honscheid, Marnach and Heinerscheid, with an inevitable gap between the lead elements in the north).

The situation was a US victory by delay and disruption of the attack schedule, with a possibility that I might have drawn by exiting some forces, but the US troops were all lost and a Decisive victory was obtained by destroying all units.

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