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last00 -> PBEM PAC WAR (6/17/2011 10:29:33 PM)

I recently began playing PAC war once again, but AI always make me bored.

Contact me if you want to play with me.

The version is Matrix 3.2. I'd like to play as Jap in 1942 Campaign or Guadalcanal.

I'd never played PBEM game, but don't worry. I would be much better tham AI. [:D]

Skipjack_ -> RE: PBEM PAC WAR (6/18/2011 1:07:49 AM)

PM sent [:)]

last00 -> RE: PBEM PAC WAR (6/18/2011 2:36:24 AM)

Sent the mail.


bradk -> RE: PBEM PAC WAR (6/18/2011 9:12:41 PM)

If you'd like to try the scenario described here


please PM me with your e mail address.  It restores a lot of the flavor of the SSI version, including a chance for IJ to win, and the functionally infinite supply of aircraft is gone (both sides).

I'm currently playing this scenario against a human player, now late 1943, and its functioning as intended with the realism of SSI but the better aircraft and ship modeling of Matrix.

Skipjack_ -> RE: PBEM PAC WAR (9/6/2011 12:48:00 AM)


IJN launched an overwhelming assault on Milne Bay - the allies tried to resist but the air and sea forces arrayed against them were too much, the base fell ... only 1 Australian BDE could not hope to hold off multiple IJA divisions ... the next turn the allies tried to evacuate the  survivors of Milne Bay but were driven off by massive air strikes from KB - the CAs Australia and Canberra were damaged in the effort to rescue the lone AUS Bde ... with the demise of Milne Bay, the whole of Papua New
Guinea is in doubt - the allies prepare plans for a "fall back position" ...


Skipjack_ -> RE: PBEM PAC WAR (9/6/2011 1:00:53 AM)

It becomes clear that all of combined fleet will be committed to the South Pacific - especially in the capture of Papua New Guinea.  The U.S  / Australian commanders determine to pull back to the sub-continent and husband resources to defend against an invasion.  U.S. CVs are send to the New Hebrides to ward off an attack.  Meanwhile Commander Rochefort warns that Ceylon may soon be threatened - the U.S. CVs have too much to handle.

bradk -> RE: PBEM PAC WAR (9/6/2011 9:26:51 PM)

What is the game date?  Are you playing Allies as it would appear from the first post?

Skipjack_ -> RE: PBEM PAC WAR (9/7/2011 3:14:33 AM)

Current game date is 8/8/42. I am playing the Allies and am well behind on posts - thought I would make this into an AAR of sorts as time allows.

Skipjack_ -> RE: PBEM PAC WAR (11/5/2011 5:14:03 AM)

5/16/42: Evacuation from New Guinea is successful. In India, Allied air power attempts to distrupt advancing IJA divsions on the Burma border.

5/23/42: Japanese take Rennell and Tagula Islands ... KB previously sited off Guadalcanal so British attempt a counterattack in the Indian ocean - the Andaman Islands are bombarded and invaded but the hastily organized amphibious assault failed ... Allied intel on KBs whereabouts is confirmed when the bulk of Combined Fleet falls on Santa Cruz - the U.S. Pacific Fleet fails to intercept, which is probably fortunate ...


Skipjack_ -> RE: PBEM PAC WAR (11/6/2011 1:52:27 AM)

5/30/42: KB appears with Bombardment and Transports off Port Moresby, allied Hudsons and B-17s try to intervene from Australia, but they cannot penetrate the IJN CAP ... the port falls (undefended) ...

6/6/42: Japanese land-based aircraft newly based at Port Morseby quickly establish authority over the skies of Northern Australia, allied squadrons suffer heavily in the air and on the ground ... B17s from Townsville manage to damage an oiler near Milne Bay ... an Eastern Fleet transport TF gets worked over as it docks at Visagapatnam ...


Skipjack_ -> RE: PBEM PAC WAR (11/7/2011 4:13:03 AM)

6/13/42: Japan embarks on Phase II of their summer offensive ... radio intelligence indicates that the U.S. CVs are in the New Caledonia / Fiji area, so an invasion of Canton Island is launched - no air power and 1 Marine Battalion cannot stop the Div/Bde combo storming ashore ... Northern Australia is also invaded and Port Darwin falls ... the 23rd Bde had already been advised to fall back due to it's lack of preparedness ... this scenario (Campaign 42) appears more suited to playing vs. the computer than PBEM, allied air and ground units are woefully unready for war (about the same state of experience in May 42 as in December 41 in the Campaign 41 scenario) ... Summer 1942 could be a long one for the Allies ...


Skipjack_ -> RE: PBEM PAC WAR (11/25/2011 8:03:36 PM)

Some updates:

6/20/42: Japanese air raids over Cairns, Johrat, Imphal, otherwise an uneventful turn ...

6/27/42: Broome is taken by amphib landing ... U.S. CVs raid Canton Island, sinking a CVE and some MCS/APs, SCTF of
U.S. BBs and CAs bombard the Japanese ground units defending the base ...


Skipjack_ -> RE: PBEM PAC WAR (11/25/2011 8:29:42 PM)

Japanese airstrikes continue on Johrat, a large strike (110 aircraft) hits Calcutta - 35 allied fighters shot down in an attempt to stop them ... Combined Fleet appears off the coast of Trincomalee, KB strikes and subdues the allied airpower based on Ceylon, strikes from Colombo cannot break through to the Japanese CVs ... British CVs react and launch a strike against the 2nd Jap CV TF to arrive, 1 torpedo hit is managed but no asterisks :( Mini-KB counter-strike scores 13 bomb and torpedo hits, which finish the 2 British CVs ... KB launches an air raid of Colombo port, sinking several APs, Merchant Ships, AOs and Tankers.


Skipjack_ -> RE: PBEM PAC WAR (11/25/2011 8:31:34 PM)

Then the Jap BBs move in - British answer with the Warspite and 4 R-class BBs - Warspite is able to withstand the blows of Yamato but claims little damage on the behemoth in return, the R-class aquit themselves well and claim a Kongo-type, while losing 1 of their number to torpedoes ... Blenheims and P40s manage to claim a couple of APs and a Maru, but 5+ divisions land and force the 34th Indian Div to retreat ...


Skipjack_ -> RE: PBEM PAC WAR (11/26/2011 3:53:48 PM)

7/11/42: Maj Gen Horii attacks and takes Colombo, capturing massive numbers of prisoners ... KB loiters nearby in order to finish the British fleet, but the only major casualty is a Dutch CLAA, the rest of the survivors begin the desperate escape attempt to Australia ...

7/18/42: Japanese focus shifts to the Indian sub-continent as attacks begins in Myitkyina and Mandalay, but the defenders hold off the Jap advance ... shipping from Calcutta takes several G4M strikes attempting to reach Perth via Addu Island, roughtly 5 MCS/AP/TK lost but the rest continue the escape ...


Capt. Harlock -> RE: PBEM PAC WAR (11/26/2011 11:42:12 PM)


7/11/42: Maj Gen Horii attacks and takes Colombo, capturing massive numbers of prisoners

Ow. So much for British naval reinforcements. What do you think the chances are of holding Calcutta?

Skipjack_ -> RE: PBEM PAC WAR (11/27/2011 1:04:28 AM)


ORIGINAL: Capt. Harlock

Ow. So much for British naval reinforcements. What do you think the chances are of holding Calcutta?

Hi Capt. H - good to hear from you again.
Things look difficult in India now with the Royal Navy eliminated. But one bright spot is I was able to save a good deal of aircraft by staging them to Visagapatnam. No hope of holding on their own against all of Combined Fleet, so Churchhill is twisting FDR's arm to get a U.S. counter-attack going as soon as possible.

Skipjack_ -> August 8th, 1942 Update (12/12/2011 2:20:00 AM)

7/25/42: An Indian Division is forced back from Myitkyina, but Mandalay is still contested ... more air strikes by G4Ms hit shipping struggling to escape India to Australia, TK, DE, AP lost ... Japanese shipping spotted in Andaman Islands, this could be the start of the next phase of Imerial General Headquarters Indian Ocean operations ... Japanese Fleet appeared to attempt intercepting British shipping in the Indian Ocean, but failed to react or launch air strikes ...

8/1/42: U.S. Navy + Marines finally have prepared a counter-assault on Canton Island - and they find the Japanese are long gone. The undefended base falls without incident ...

8/8/42: Japanese fighter sweeps raid Queensland ... Hudsons from Cairns strike a Japanese transport TF off Port Moresby and sink 2 or 3 Africa Marus (depends on which VCR you believe) ... Combined Fleet moves in on Calcutta, but allied SIGINT had warned of this. Some fighter & tac bomber squadrons are left in Calcutta, but the majority are divided between Dacca and Visagapatnam to avoid the airstrikes and bombardment that Calcutta will surely absorb as a prelude to invasion. KB moves in first but gets hit from Visagapatnam (B-17s, P-40s and various Tac Bombers), 2 CVs are damaged. Then after Calcutta takes its lumps airstrikes from Dacca / Visagapatnam hit the transports multiple times, sinking about 7 APs / MCS, and forcing the invasion TF to abort ... The British and Americans hold their breath to see if the Japanese will have another go of it ...


MXB2001 -> RE: August 8th, 1942 Update (12/12/2011 3:33:30 AM)


Skipjack_ -> August 29th Update (12/13/2011 4:37:46 AM)




Thanks [:)]

8/15/42: Japanese CVs are still spotted in the Indian Ocean, but no further attack is mounted on Calcutta. Strikes land a few 500 Lb bomb hits, with light damage to a CVL reported ... Queensland and New Hebrides / New Caledonia hit by large numbers of Japanese LBA ...

8/22/42: Main action involves Jap airstrikes on Cairns and Espiritu Santo. Skipjack HQ notices Santa Cruz has improved to a 4 factor airfield. Intel suggests Combined Fleet is returning to the Central Pacific, but estimates are South Pacific Fleet has 1-2 weeks to launch and invasion. The 1st Marine Div plus U.S. & AUS Army units will undertake the attack on Santa Cruz Island ...

8/29/42: The attack is launched by the South Pacific Fleet - U.S. CVs take 3 torpedo hits but nothing critical (so far) ... the bombardment hammers the defenders, then the first waves storm ashore, taking the base thanks to the leadership of Adm Turner (DOSBOX VCR is inaccurate) ... Operation Watchtower has begun ...


MXB2001 -> RE: August 29th Update (12/13/2011 8:49:32 AM)

Love Type 91's :) Lucky escape for you I'd say.

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