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bevans -> Question on New TOE Creation (6/14/2011 1:15:27 AM)

I clearly knew how to do this in the past as I have a few added TOEs at the bottom of the already substantial list in the TOE @ Generic Files. There is no copy button for TOEs (unlike other tabs which are either copy/paste or copy (and it is really annoying (mea culpa) when I try copy/paste on a copy tab), but that is a separate conversation). Because I have some new TOEs and have no horrible memories of the significant task of creating these from scratch, then there must be a copy existing TOE technique available. Anyone know what it is? Thanks.

rlp2 -> RE: Question on New TOE Creation (6/14/2011 1:29:49 AM)

This is what I do, and with the latest patch it still works

1. Load Generic Data
2. Go to TOE(OB) page. COPY should be displayed upper right side above the list of TOEs.

As an example:
3. First of all, left click on empty slot 600, the slot to the right of the number, not the number itself
4. Directions pop up in red and say "Pick TOE(OB) to copy (600)"
5. Go to slot 70 (43 Static Division (Ger 10/42)). Click on the slot description
6. When you scroll back to slot 600, there will be a copy of the static division from slot 70.
7. Of course, save Generic Data, if you want to use this TOE in your scenarios. Or, you can change the newly copied TOE to whatever you want.

Hope this helps

bevans -> RE: Question on New TOE Creation (6/14/2011 2:17:05 AM)

Thanks. This is presumably what I did - but I now have no 'COPY' option visible/available.

Interestingly, just checked the version I have on my portable and this does have the copy button in all its glory. Guess I know which PC I'll be using to do this. Does open the question of why this is not available on my other copy of the game.

bevans -> RE: Question on New TOE Creation (6/14/2011 2:18:47 AM)

Only 1.03 on my game PC, 1.04 on the other - will upgrade and see if this is sorted out. Either way, thanks for your help.

Daveion Steel -> RE: Question on New TOE Creation (6/15/2011 7:55:56 PM)

Yeah, I seem to think 1.03 did not have the copy option but 1.04 definately does.


rlp2 -> RE: Question on New TOE Creation (6/15/2011 11:35:16 PM)

That's what I remember, too. The Copy feature for TOEs page showed up in 104.

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