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Swayin -> Scenario description and picture? (6/9/2011 4:22:07 AM)

Quick question, sorry if it's a repeat: how do you add the scenario description and picture, and are there size limitations to the image?

wdolson -> RE: Scenario description and picture? (6/9/2011 12:18:34 PM)

The text is in a couple of txt files in the scen directory and the pictures are BMPs in the ART directory.   Th scenario number is buried in the name of the files.  There are a couple of text files and a couple of bitmaps for each scenario.


inqistor -> RE: Scenario description and picture? (6/11/2011 9:30:31 AM)

IIRC overall, there is 18 files for scenario. Including one with AI.

Description is actually not created by editor. You have to copy/create txt file for it. I think it is named Scenxxx.txt.

Swayin -> RE: Scenario description and picture? (6/11/2011 10:38:01 PM)

Found all the text files and have written them for both sides ... thanks guys. Still haven't found the art files but will look a little harder now that i'm done the text.

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