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RooksBailey -> FS: Charge (6/1/2011 9:23:20 PM)

I played my first game of Charge last night...and lost. [:(] It's okay, though, because it was still fun. [:)] In Charge, both sides bid how far they can make it across the map, with the guy who bids the farthest winning the challenge. In the following vid, my opponent bid and won, requiring him to at least make it to the red line with a single unit and survive to turn 6. Alas, he did it.


It was such a close game. After losing those two MGs from the grenade (and I told myself I was bunching up in a dangerous way...should have trusted my instincts [:@]), the advantage seemed to swing my way, especially after I zapped his shotty coming out that door. Unfortunately, I wasn't aggressive enough in hunting down his last unit that got past me.

SeanD -> RE: FS: Charge (6/2/2011 4:55:38 PM)

That grenade launcher is nasty. With some good intuition on what your enemy is going to do you can make short work of his forces. Same with the rocket launcher, of course. I'm finding that it's difficult to battle back if you lose your explosives guy first.

Grotius -> RE: FS: Charge (8/18/2011 4:46:59 PM)

Wow, second spam-bot I've seen in these forums in two days. Maybe a moderator will nuke its post.

Hmm, I guess I don't understand the rules of Charge, because you ended with one more soldier than your opponent, which looked like a win to me. As long as any of his guys survive, he wins?

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